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DAW synths/fx

by Jari Kleimola
Native DAW synth and effect plugins ported to PNaCl and Emscripten formats. The ports are hosted...

Word Problems

by Felix Turner
Audio-Reactive WebGL Animation. Syncing to audio via Web Audio API. Post-processing via Pixel...


by Kevin Ennis
Multitrack mixing and real-time metering with Web Audio

Loop Waveform Visualizer

by Felix Turner
Audio Reactive Waveform via Web Audio API and Three.js. Uses a combination of audio waveform and...


by Daniel Pettersson
This is kind of a toy or explorer thingy using various HTML5 techniques which lets you play with...

Heavenly Glory

by Michael Bromley
Ever wished your every slightest limb movement would be accompanied by a cool swooshing air...


by ZYA
Interactive and Generative Music.The sketch is an audio visual experiment that uses Web Audio...

MorningStar Synth

by Cristiano Belloni
Morning Star is a monophonic bassline synthesizer controlled by a step sequencer, designed to...

Multiplayer Piano

by Brandon Lockaby
A multiplayer piano built with JavaScript and Viewed with Chrome, the page busts out...


by Jaakko Rinta-Filppula
Simple fireworks show using WebGL and Web Audio API Source code can be found at:...

Marble Hop

by Foxy Ninja Studios
This "webapp" uses CSS3 animations, HTML5 audio, HTML5 localStorage anThis "webapp" uses CSS3...


by Isaac Cohen
Cabbibo is an online playground that includes activities such as creating art using your...

Google I/O 2014 Experiment

by Instrument
This Google I/O web experiment explores several breakthroughs in science and technology. We're...

The Drumlet

by Epic Agency
The Drumlet is the lastest experiment from mixing Javascript, Canvas, Web Audio and...

The Boo Box

by 28th Records
The Boom Box is a web audio and visual experiment. It let you trigger sounds and animations with...

The Rational Keyboard

by Fritz Obermeyer
The Rational Keyboard is a browser app to play with harmony on the rational number line. It's...

Google IO15

by Jaume Sanchez
To celebrate Google I/O 2015, here's an experiment with WebGL, Web Audio API, physics,...


by Yanlin Ma
Generative sound through geometric object collision

Sound Spirals

by Tomas Gonzalez Vivo
Sound Spirals is an artistic app. It's a spiral that changes color and form based of the...

Hya Wave

by Cristiano Belloni
A modern audio sample editor for the Web featuring: - Copy, paste, cut, clear, crop - Seamless...

Shared Piano

by Google Creative Lab
Play music together live on the web.

Chrome Music Lab: Song Maker

by Google Creative Lab + Use All Five
A simple way to make and share a song.

Ocean of Words

by Ed Shark
"Ed Shark in the Ocean of Words" is a small game for kids about collecting letters. Great for...


by Lauri-Matti Parppei
An atonal 3D synth experiment.Elin (bodily organ in Finnish) is a strange being floating in...

Spectrogram and Oscillator

by Boris Smus
A live-input spectrogram written using Polymer using the Web Audio API. It also includes an...

Hollow: A Documentary

by Robert Hall, et al
Hollow is web-based interactive documentary that examines the communities of rural McDowell...

JavaScript Systems Music

by Tero Parviainen
An article and tutorial that recreates three classic works of generative music with Web Audio:...

Chrome Music Lab

by Google Creative Lab
Music is for everyone. Play with these simple experiments to explore how music works. They’re...

Granular Synthesiser

by ZYA
Multi-touch granular synthesiser using Web Audio API and Processing.js. Granular synthesis is a...


by Cory OBrien
TiberSynth is a real-time audio synthesizer that runs in your web browser. By "real-time" we... Short Voice Message Service

by Franz Enzenhofer is 100% client side short voice message service. Basically it transforms a given text...

CSS Space Shooter

by Michael Bromley
An old-school arcade-style 3D shoot-em-up implemented in CSS and HTML. I wanted to see how far I...

3d Audio Visualization

by Christian Kellner
A 3d visualization of an audio stream

Draw Your Own Audio Snippet

by Michal Biniek
'Draw your own audio snippet' application allows you to draw your own audio snippet, save it and...

Speak Colors

by True North
At True North, we put together an experiment to find out what we could do with the new Web...

WebGL Music Visualizer

by Jacob Seidelin
This music visualizer allows you to create and watch real-time visualizations of music. Load...

Audio Cloud

by André Mattos
A reactive particle system based on audio analysis of FFT (fast fourier transform) spectrum....

National Park Remix

by Ray McClure
Recent government National Park Service policy shifts risk conversion to private land, relaxed...

OMM | Audio Visual Experience

by Jean Helfenstein
OMM is an Interactive Audio Visual Experience exploring different phases of creativity.

Webgl Particle Audio Visualizer

by Sehyun Av Kim
A particle system that reacts to audio input

Sonic Umbrella

by Plan 8
Hear what it sounds like when the sky rains dog toys, ping pong balls, and more.


by Isaac Cohen
Enough is an Audio / Visual odyssey through procedural worlds , physical simulations, and hand...

Vinyl Cast

by Allen Schober
Wirelessly stream the audio of a vinyl record player to Chromecast-enabled devices.

Croacia Audio

by Loducca
For a sound production company, a sound-only website. No images, no videos, no text. Only...

Pattern Radio: Whale Songs

by NOAA & Google Creative Lab
Use AI to explore thousands of hours of humpback whale songs and make your own discoveries.

Geometric Tuneage

by Sonia Boller
Audio visualization of particles moving along a three dimensional trajectory.


by 5013
An infinitely random music box. Built using the latest and greatest Web Audio API technologies!...

Audio Landscape

by Dan Neame
Generates landscape from MP3 files, drag your own on or click to play a default. There are 3...


by Bruno Godefroy
Audio visualization empowered by deep learning.


by Google Research, Google Creative Lab, YouTube Music
An AI-powered singing challenge that rates how closely your singing matches the voice of Freddie Mercury

Evolution of the Web

by Google Chrome Team
"The Evolution of the Web" is an interactive infographic about browsers and web technologies,...

Dennis: A Music Video

by George Michael Brower
An audio-responsive, real time music video. Uses a custom audio engine to access individual...

Blob Opera

by Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture: David Li
Play four voices with the help of machine learning.

Web Lab

by Google
See the magic of the web brought to life through 5 Chrome Experiments. Open to the world online....

Staggering Beauty

by George Michael Brower
Audio by Jon Baken


by R. McClure & S. Roux
PollySynth is a multiplayer polyphonic synthesizer. Synthesizer voices are visualized as...


by Thomas Van Glabeke
A navigable audio experiment where buildings react to the music.

Imaginary Soundscape

by Qosmo, Inc. / Nao Tokui
Web-based sound installation on Google street view generated with deep learning models

Rot.Sketch Web App

by Jean Helfenstein
Rot.Sketch Web App is a HTML5 creative sketching experiment.


by Joshua Koo
A particle experiment using a mixture of WebGL, real time audio analysis and colours.


by Magnus V. Östergren
360° audio visual beat-synced environment for desktop and mobile VR


by David Hilowitz
A musical instrument that uses a bouncing ball gravity model to trigger and manipulate audio samples.

Space Bumps

by DreamPipe
A versatile in-browser audio and video synthesizer designed to create experimental soundscapes...

Dots, the Game

by Nicolas Smith and Aviv Keshet
Dots, the Game, was written by Nicolas Smith and Aviv Keshet. We are Physics PhD students at...


by Dominic Szablewski
A non-interactive music visualization. Is uses the current playing position of the audio file to...

Lissa Juice

by Matt Tytel & Noura Howell
An interactive audio visualization of Lissajous curves with detuning, and mixing in triangle waves


by D. Rosser, H. Matias
Hi-ReS! is a collaborative experiment between Henrique Matias and David Paul Rosser. Users are...

Bear 71

by NFB, Jam3, IDFA Doclab, Sound & Vision
Bear 71 VR is a live-rendered Web VR documentary that explores the disconnect between humans,...

Audiotool Sketch

by Audiotool feat. defrac
Audiotool Sketch allows you to sequence sounds using emulations of three different classic...


by Yvo Schaap
Everybody loves Pong. Pong3D is Pong in 3 dimensions. Features: - retro colors - audio...


by Per-Olov Jernberg
This is a port of one of our old (2000) windows 64k intros, it contains synchronized audio and...


by Felix Turner
A WebGL Audio Visualizer. Use microphone or drop MP3 file. Set volume sensitivty, cube speed and...


by Funktronic Labs
Experience a kaleidescope of iridescent prisms and meditative soundscapes.


by Adrian le bas
Harmogram is an audio-visual experiment. basically, its an artist version of a Fast Fourier...

Sounds in Space

by Google Creative Lab
A collection of AR audio experiments. The Sounds In Space Kit allows you to curate your own...


by Felix Turner
Web app that allows you to apply creative ‘glitch’ filters to images and the web cam. Hit the...


by Unboring
An interactive VR experience about people and light. Optimized for Google Cardboard and with 3D...

Web Copter

by Tony Beltramelli
First, create your own design for your aircraft from body to blades. Then, take the commands...

Just Don't Mix

by Chi Zeng
An audio mixer with 5 channels - slice, move, and apply effects to channels or master. Edit...


An image editor inside the web browser.


by Psycho
LITEWERX - ANAEMIA ------------------ Released at TRSAC 2011 Comments: Created using WebGL,...

20 Things I Learned

by Google Chrome Team
What’s a cookie? How do I protect myself on the web? And most importantly: What happens if a...

Sound Room 1

by Ray McClure
Microphone audio is sampled and placed in a virtual room. Interactive tiles repeat the samples...

Magic mirror

by Alexey Roudenko
Web camera triangulation


by merka
Web based 3D newtonian gravity simulator.


by UNIT9
In Web VR, string fireworks together to make them explode and collect points.


by Isaac Cohen
GPGPU Particles , Water Reflections , Text Geometry, and Audio based fragment and vertex shaders...

Spell Up

by Google
Spell Up is a Chrome Experiment that can help you improve your English just by speaking to your...

My Storytime

by Instrument
Helping families stay connected even when they're apart. Record stories from anywhere and play...

Fourth of July Fireworks Game

by Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Jonathan Tanant, Christine Sugrue, and Nicolas Barradeau
This Fourth of July, you're in charge of the fireworks show!


by Xiaohan Zhang
3D fractal flame generated by typing letters

Alex the Allegator 4

by Olivier Biot
An HTML5 remake of the Alex 4 game, a 2D platformer originally created by Johan Peitz from Free...

Verlet Spiderweb

by Subprotocol
Spider and web simulation using a verlet integration library Verlet-js.

Simple Ball

by Androm
A little, simple pinball game for the web browser.


by mattatz
WebVJ is VJing which uses a web page structure as visual effects.

Arkade London / Audio Reactive Art

by samuel honigstein
Arkade London is a purely personal and experimental webVJ fan art. It gives users some graphic...


by Philippe-Antoin Lehoux
A real HTML5 bomb, powerful enough to destroy the web!

Voices for Change

by Project Everyone in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture Lab
'Voices for Change – A Global Goals World' brings to life thousands of voices in support of...

Through The Dark

by Google Play Music
A collaboration with Google Play Music and #1 selling Australian artist Hilltop Hoods, Through...

Feline Synth

by Maeda Mameo
A cat voice generator that calculates sound wave made by the vibration of cat vocal cords...

Simple Fractal Tree Generator

by Chris Harrison
A simple web experiment that generates 3D life-like fractal trees with simple rules.

Asteroids Your Website

by Erik Rothoff Andersson
Turn any website into an interactive asteroids game. Destroy the web!


by Liam Brummitt
A demo of Matter.js, a 2D rigid body physics engine for the web written in JavaScript (yes, another!)


by Jonas Wagner
JS WARS is a classic shoot em up written to demonstrate the power of modern web browsers.

Blob Opera - On Tour!

by David Li in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture
Play four voices in cities around the world, with the help of machine learning

Cube Slam

by Google
Cube Slam is a video game that you can play face-to-face against your friends. It’s a Chrome...

Cola Factory

by Ivan Kuckir
Cola Factory is a simple puzzle game. You have to build a pipeline to deliver cola from the main...

The Universe Within

by Team Diversity
This is a HTML5 canvas game written as part of the global game jam 2012 in 48 hours. All...


by James Paterson
Norman is an open-source Web VR tool built by an artist to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D.


by Bernhard Pauler
publishpage creates instantly available web pages. Place text and images freely without template...


by Whitevinyl, Luke Phillips, Edward Silverton
BlokDust is a free web-based music maker, play with synths, samplers & self-playing...

Lightsaber Escape

by Disney, Lucasfilm & Unit 9
Master your lightsaber to escape the First Order in an immersive web experience built for your...

Beethoven Beats

by Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Simon Doury
Tap a rhythm and explore Beethoven's piano sonatas

Colorful Fluid

by Yuichiroh Arai
Fluid simulation with web camera

Particles Web Matrix

by Kushagra Agarwal
The main concept here is that there are some particles on the canvas which start attracting...

by Cristiano Belloni
A web DAW with save in the cloud features, dynamically loaded plugins, public patches and midi...


by Scott Andreas
Boombox is a web-based media player with a three-channel equalizer. The volume of each channel...

Bird Sounds

by Manny Tan & Kyle McDonald
Thousands of bird sounds visualized using machine learning.

Walk Through the Web

by Lisandro Vaccaro
Basically it let's you walk through the web (literally) with a little avatar and the arrow keys....

FlowMaster 3

by Giacomo De Cillis & Davis.Li
Trying to create a "krakatoa" styled realtime particle flow, it reacts on music and or...

(Multi)touch Synthesizer

by igorski
An abstract audio synthesizer where pitches and timbres are shaped using two touch sensitive...


by Gerald Marolf
Real time weather data with 3D map renderings


by David Lobser Turbine is a simple web based tool which...


by Scott Andreas
Pixamix is an experiment in browsing the web from 10,000 feet. Rather than rendering a page...

Flash Cards

by Brandon Nicholls
This application uses the Web Speech API in Chrome 25 (in beta as of writing this) and later. ...


by Dean McNamee
Monster is a demonstration of what can be done with browser web standards (without Flash). A...

Clarion Lite

by OpenUp Music & Use All Five
An expressive, adaptable musical instrument in your web browser.


by Christian Kellner
This is a web clone of the famous Photobooth app. Effects will be applied using Shader. If you...

WebGL Cadillac Ranch

by Xavier Bourry
This experiment is a web version of the Cadillac Ranch, which is a public art installation and...

Responsive Typography

by Marko Dugonji?
This experiment is a proof of concept about how capturing the user with a web camera can be used...

Stuff: The Abandoned Land

by Chien-Ju Peng
Stuff: The Abandoned Land is an interactive role-playing HTML5 Canvas web application game...

Over the Hills

by ultranoir
For their first collaboration, the ultranoir agency and the artist McBess invite you to discover...


by Instrument
We created a series of mobile-first experiments and games for Google I/O 2013, focusing on touch...


by Bernhard Pauler
copainter does to painting what Google's own JAM with Chrome does to music: A web painting app...

Canvas Sketch

by Henrique Moreira
Web-based drawing app using Canvas Tag. Works on Chrome, IE6+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+ and...


by cheesecake
A puzzle game in which you navigate through cubes to reach a goal. Written in C++ and compiled...


by Jayesh Salvi
?sic is HTML5 music player that plays your music collection from local hard drive (mp3,ogg,m4a)....


by Sven Nobis
The FiveMusicPlayer is a pure Web-Music-Player with a 3D user interface, including album cover...

Infinite Mondrian

by Jonathan Solichin
"By virtue of the grid, [Mondrian's work] is presented as a mere fragment, a tiny piece...


by Orange Honey
Darkroom is a photo-editor built for the web, allowing users to apply simple color and geometry...

Google I/O Conference: HTML5 Countdown Finale

by Instrument
Watch the end of the countdown and the start of Google's 2011 developer conference. Innovation...

Taking a Line for a Walk

by William Ngan
Code experiment to study the expressions of an active line, inspired by Paul Klee's idea of...

Kick with Chrome

by Google
Whether you’re from Croatia, Cameroon or Colombia, chances are you’re cheering on your country’s...


by max bittker
A creative cellular automata browser game

Solitaire FRVR

by Chris Benjaminsen
Creating the best possible HTML5 Solitaire game that works well on web but also feels like an...


by Hakim El Hattab
An experiment with real-time audio synthesis. Click on pins to made them resonate with the...


by Simo Santavirta
APEXvj is a next-gen music visualizer - an artificial intelligence that turns sound waves into...

Merry La Mort

by Stone Canoe
We wanted to thank our clients for a great year with something special for the holidays. We...

Assisted Melody

by Google Magenta in collaboration with Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Simon Doury
Compose melodies like a maestro

BYOTM (Bring Your Own Teachable Machine)

by Matt Santamaria
Send text messages to family and friends using your personalized Teachable Machine speech recognizer.

Groove Pizza

by NYU Music Experience Design Lab
Groove Pizza is a playful tool for creating grooves using math concepts like shapes, angles, and...

Brain Surface and Tractography Viewer

by D. Ginsburg and R. Pienaar
The Brain Surface and Tractography Viewer was developed at Children’s Hospital Boston in the...

Little Alchemy

by Jakub Koziol
Little Alchemy is a simple game based on the good old idea of mixing elements to create new...


by The Freeciv Project
Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human...


by Arash Akbari
“Gaze” takes the form of an interactive web app in which the audience can engage. Using their...


by Chris Benjaminsen
Hex FRVR is an easy to learn, but hard to master hexagon puzzle game. The goal was to make a...

The Reverse Barbershop

by Jaume Sanchez
A web app to draw hair on pictures. Load an image or take a picture with the camera, and edit...

Increasing Motorcycle Safety

by Keith Conger
A custom hardware integration for motorcycles.

Two.js Particle Sandbox

by jonobr1
The Two.js Particle Sandbox lets people explore limitations and base functionality of two.js, a...


by Han CHEN; Yixing JIANG
Can we 3D print our favourite music? Our answer is YES?This interactive 3D music visualization...


by Steve Belovarich
Synth is a WebGL video synthesizer. Synth uses your webcam as an input and maps the brightness...


by Google Maps Team
[ EDITOR'S NOTE -- Click "Want to try something new?" in the bottom left corner to turn on the...

Tzina: symphony of longing

by Shirin Anlen
In this interactive Web VR documentary, listen to people talk about the Tzina Dizengoff Square.

JAM with Chrome

by Google
JAM with Chrome is an interactive web application that allows friends in different locations to...

100,000 Stars

by Google Data Arts Team
100,000 Stars is an interactive visualization of the stellar neighborhood created for the Google...


by Google
Speed across up to five phones and tablets. No apps. No downloads. Just Chrome and the web....

AR Synth

by Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Jonathan Tanant and Christine Sugrue
Turn your home into an electronic music studio with 3D and Augmented Reality!


by DreamPipe
Designed for mobile but works on desktop. The idea was to make something relatively complex as...

City of Drones

City of Drones is an interactive digital environment developed with musician John Cale and...


by jonobr1
Tether is an interactive web application created by Jono Brandel in collaboration with Plaid...


by Or Fleisher
An interactive live music performance, performed by LIVYATANIM

Teachable Machine

by Google Creative Lab
A fast, easy way to create machine learning models – no coding required.

Forest Jam

by Yonatan Wolowelsky
Become a rock star is only a touch away. Simply scan the QR code displayed on the screen with...

Songs of Diridum

by Goo Technologies
Experience true web hi-fi jazz in a 3D magic voxel world with WebGL and WebAudio. Use WASD or ...


by Lorenzo Pastrana
NerdPax! is a full html5 / Canvas web drawing surface developped by Lorenzo Pastrana. The...


by Charlie Gerard
Avoid obstacles on an interactive hoverboard built using your phone and a skateboard

The Bellman

by Daniel Harley
The Bellman is a web-only adaptation of part of a novella by Daniel Harley. The story is...

Universal Serial Blood

Universal Serial Blood is a web experiment, half-way between a futuristic racing game and an...

Websockets Duckshoot

by Toaster Ltd
A novel way to showcase web banner and smartphone interaction. Duck Shoot a unique 3D arcade...


by Viget
JamBells is a seasonal mobile web app that allows you to make a handbell choir with friends on...

Goo Video Sphere

by Goo Technologies
Interactive video stream navigation interface built on Goo Engine showcasing how to embed...


by Xueqiao Xu
Euphony is a web-based MIDI player and visualizer inspired by MIDITrail. Features: -...

Find Your Way To OZ

by Walt Disney & UNIT9
Find Your Way to Oz is an interactive journey inspired by Sam Raimi's latest feature film, Oz...


by David Higgins
If there's one thing programmers were ever good for it was for utilizing text in new and unheard...

A trip under the moonlight

by Jérémy BOUNY
A trip under the moonlight is an experimental demo. The aim was to explore ways to achieve a...

WebGL Earth

by Klokan Technologies
WebGL Earth is an open source project enabling to explore, zoom and “play” with the 3D globe...

S7xTS Communicator

by Dinahmoe
S7xTS Communicator by Dinahmoe. (speech-to-text-to-translate-to-text-to-speech) Oral...

Boxes and Text

by Matt Wolfe and Adam Kumpf
Boxes and Text is a super fast design playground for the web. Everything is built in pure CSS,...

Photo Mirror

by Onlive Soft
Photo Mirror is a free web application for taking photos with your webcam. It is also useful as...

A Journey Through Middle-Earth

by Warner Bros & North Kingdom
"A Journey through Middle-earth" is an interactive adventure inspired by Academy Award®-winning...

Origami Simulator

by Amanda Ghassaei
In Web VR simulate how any origami crease pattern will fold in 3D.


by Derek Detweiler
To win this web game, you must create the longest line possible. The more segments your line...

Emoji Scavenger Hunt

by Google Brand Studio
Identify emojis in the real world with your phone’s camera

Paper Planes

by Active Theory
Create and fold your own paper plane, stamp it with your location, and “throw” it back into the...

Indras Net

by Eric Levin
Alan Watts describes Indras net like so: "Imagine a multidimensional spiders web in the early...


by Binaura
Loom is a small drawing-based musical instrument. The lines of a drawing define pitches on...


by Google Creative Lab
Conduct your own orchestra in the browser by moving your arms

Scan Sequencer Javascript

by JeongHo Park
Using a webcam, make real-time music with your movements

Speak to Go

by Google Creative Lab & Jaume Sanchez
Explore the world with your voice.

Commodore 64 Synthesizer

by Igor Zinken
An homage to the most awesome synthesizer ever produced : the Commodore 64. Yes, this device had...


by Jack Cannon, et al
Built as a final-year project at the University of Kent, 4irpucks is a web-based, 4-player air...

Word Synth

by Google Creative Lab
A fun way to play with speech and music.

The Infinite Drum Machine

by Manny Tan & Kyle McDonald
Thousands of everyday sounds, organized using machine learning.

Mahjong FRVR

by Chris Benjaminsen
Mahjong FRVR is a high quality implementation of Mahjong Solitaire The goal was to create an...

NSynth: Sound Maker

by Yotam Mann
Make unusual new sounds with machine learning.


by Sandpit
Take a fictional character for a walk in the real world.

Visualizing High-Dimensional Space

by Smilkov / Viégas / Wattenberg
Get a peek at how machine learning works.

Chopin Everywhere

by Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Gael Hugo
This Chrome extension is an intuitive way to expand your knowledge on Fryderyk Chopin’s life,...

Sand Trap

by Derek Detweiler
In this web game, your goal is to get as much sand as you can out of the box and into the pail....

Access Mars

by Google Creative Lab + NASA JPL
The real surface of Mars. Photographed by the Curiosity Rover. Used by NASA JPL scientists. Now...

Body, Movement, Language: AI Sketches With Bill T. Jones

by Bill T. Jones & Google Creative Lab
PoseNet experiments made in collaboration with one of America’s most celebrated and important artists.


by Google Creative Lab
A perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera for capturing faces, places, and spaces.

Morse Typing Trainer for Gboard

by Tania Finlayson, Use all Five and Google Creative Lab
A fun little web app to help you learn Morse code on Gboard.

Font Map

by Kevin Ho
Using machine learning to surface new relationships between fonts.

Photowall for Chromecast

by Google
We wanted to see what we could build for Chromecast that would make the TV the center of a...

Let Me Dream Again

by Anna Ridler in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture and Artists + Machine Intelligence Grant
An endlessly generating film and soundtrack trained on the audio and visuals of early Hollywood...


by Cyril Diagne & Gaël Hugo
Could computers help identify artworks?

Solace: An Interactive Film

by Evan Boehm & Nexus Studios
Solace is an interactive animated film based on celebrated science fiction writer Jeff Noon’s...

Build with Chrome

by Google Chrome
Think back: you’ve just dumped a bin of LEGO® bricks onto the floor with a satisfying crash, and...

Art Palette

by Simon Doury & Etienne Ferrier
Find artworks that match your chosen color palette

Song Exploder Presents: Inside Music

by Google Creative Lab
What if you could step inside a song? This is a simple experiment that explores that idea. See...

Onslaught! Arena

by Lost Decade Games
Onslaught! Arena is a fast-paced, arcade-style medieval fantasy shoot 'em up. Fans of retro...


by Nervous System
Radiolaria lets you manipulate a web of connected cells to create biologically-inspired...

Body Synth

by Use All Five & Google Creative Lab
Make music just by moving your body.

Morse + WaveNet Starter Code

by Jane Friedhoff and Use All Five
Demo web app that showcases the power of Morse code + AI.

Free Fall

by Cyril Diagne & Nicolas Barradeau
Explore artworks in one 3 dimensional space

Mood Board Search

by Google Research and Nord Projects
Explore image collections using mood boards as your search query

nimiia cétiï by Jenna Sutela

by Jenna Sutela, Google Arts & Culture
A machine learning and art project by Jenna Sutela

The Deep Listener - Serpentine Augmented Architecture

by Jakob Kudsk Steensen
A Serpentine Augmented Architecture commission with Google Arts & Culture and Sir David Adjaye OBE.

Teachable Snake

by Vince MingPu Shao
Classic snake game controlled by webcam image using pre-trained neural network models.

Swarm Sandbox

by Sam Fox Royston
In this experiment I created an abstracted 'swarm' that can be manipulated to perform a number...

Cultural Icons

by By Gael Hugo, Artist In Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Explore, learn & test your cultural knowledge with the help of Google AI.

Seeing Music

by Jay Alan Zimmerman
Experience music visually.


by Ben Ross
An interactive music video for the song "Pieces/Together" by synthpop artist Maxwell Powers. As...

Just A Reflektor

by Arcade Fire
“Just A Reflektor” is an interactive film directed by Vincent Morisset and featuring a new song...

Viola the Bird

by David Li, artist in residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Experience a new cello-inspired instrument in the latest music-meets-tech instalment from David...


by Tea Uglow, Jonny Richards, Jude Osborn, Kirstin Sillitoe
Using digital to bring the physical world to life


by Google Creative Lab
Make music using simple voice commands.

SVG Editor

Shows a live demo of's new SVG editor. It works using only HTML5 (js and svg) so it can...

An Ocean of Books

by Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Gael Hugo, in collaboration with Satellite Studio
Open this fantasy map and navigate an ocean of books

Melody Mixer

by Blankensmith / Phillips
A fun way to explore melodies using machine learning

Giant Emoji

by Jonas Jongejan & Stewart Smith
Translate your facial expressions into a giant emoji.

Music LM Workshop

by Antoine Bertin, Neil Zeghidour, and Simon Doury, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Describing a musical idea and hearing it come to life

How New York Are You?

by Jenna Xu
A voice-controlled browser game where two players compete to be crowned the realest New Yorker.

Cold Flux

by Ben Cullen Williams & Bryce Cronkite-Ratcliff
Cold Flux highlights the peril of our global icecaps, while questioning if the melt is...

CAV Camera

by Nord Projects
An experimental Android app connecting Mood Board Search and your camera

Open Lab: Home Sprints

by Google Arts & Culture Lab, MIT Media Lab
A collaboration between MIT Media Lab and Google Arts & Culture, bringing together a global...


by Kumar, Chaudhary, Melville, Ma, Zhu, Wu
Make music by typing letters in Morse Code and hearing their respective notes


by Jono Brandel
Take a road trip through Kimbra’s song Carolina. View a landscape composed of vocals, guitars,...

Home Talk

by St+art India Foundation, Zach Lieberman, Google Arts & Culture Artists in Residence
What does Home mean to you?
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