Digital Wellbeing Experiments

A showcase of ideas and tools that help people find a better balance with technology.

What is Digital Wellbeing Experiments?

A collection of ideas and tools that help people find a better balance with technology. We hope these experiments inspire developers and designers to consider digital wellbeing in everything they design and make. All the code is open sourced and helpful guides and tips are available to kick start new ideas. Try the experiments and create new ones. The more people that get involved the more we can all learn about building better technology for everyone. 


Little Signals

by Google Seed Studio with Map
A series of interaction experiments to help us feel connected and calm.


by Riddhi Bagadiaa, Ksshiraja Bagadiaa
A self-experiment which displays the time for which you have been using your phone.


by Special Projects, a design and invention consultancy
A set of envelopes which temporarily transform your phone into a simpler, calmer device, helping...


by Brendan Browne-Adams, Lahari Goswami, Miki Chiu, Tayo Kopfer, Twomuch Studio
The infinite scroll. It's dangerously easy to scroll mindlessly for hours, especially when it...

Paper Phone

by Special Projects
A printable paper phone which helps you take a break from your digital world

Digital Detox

by Marco Land
Digital Detox is a chrome extension and self-experiment. I built a Chrome Extension that tracks...
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Interested in creating a Digital Wellbeing experiment? Download the Hack Pack PDF to get started. The Hack Pack includes an overview, user insights, information on APIs, and idea templates. Open source code and components are also available on Github.


Article: Digital Wellbeing Research Blog Post
Google UX research from 112 participants in China, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, and the U.S. over a period of two years. 
Research: Toward “JOMO”: The Joy of Missing Out and the Freedom of Disconnecting
Full length research document published by Julie Aranda and Safia Baig. 
Website: Android Digital Wellbeing
Learn more about Digital Wellbeing features available on Android
Website: Google Digital Wellbeing
For more information on Google’s commitment to Digital Wellbeing


Why do these experiments exist?

As technology becomes more and more integral to everything we do, it can sometimes distract us from the things that matter most to us. We are committed to helping everyone with the tools they need to develop their own sense of digital wellbeing. So that life, not the technology in it, stays front and center. We hope this platform will inspire developers and designers to create experiments and put Digital Wellbeing at the center of what they build in the future.

Which experiment is most useful to me?

Each experiment was designed around a different behaviour. Where one person might get easily distracted by notifications, other might find it difficult to disconnect as a group. Why not try a few experiments?

How long should an experiment be used for?

These experiments are designed to help people consider their relationship with technology. They can be used for a day, a week, or however long is helpful.

What devices do they work best on?

The experiments have been designed to work on recent popular Android handsets. The Google Play Store will let you know if your device is compatible when you download it.

How can people build experiments like this? 

If someone is interested in creating their own experiment, the Hack Pack PDF and open source code can help to kickstart projects. Download these from the ‘Build An Experiment’ section of the site. 

How do I submit my project? 

Submit your project here - and choose the ‘Digital Wellbeing’ collection when you submit. 

Can my experiment be just a concept?

Every experiment needs to have a tech component to it. When submitting, add a list of the technologies used.

Will my experiment be automatically added?

Please be patient - reviews can take several weeks. All experiments will be reviewed based on the entry criteria on the submissions page. If your submission is approved to feature on the site, we may contact you to request additional assets.

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