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Chrome Experiments is a showcase of work by coders who are pushing the boundaries of web technology, creating beautiful, unique web experiences. You'll find helpful links throughout the site for creating your own experiments, and you can also explore resources like WebGL Globe and our workshop of tools.

Chrome + Music

WebGL Globe

The WebGL Globe is an open platform for geographic data visualization featuring latitude/longitude data spikes, color gradients based on data value and mouse wheel zoom functionality.

Get the code, add your own data, and submit your projects to see them featured on the WebGL Globe collection.

Chrome + WebGL


by Eoghan O'Keeffe
Interactive music visualizations using your webcam


by Marpi
Noise based generative biomes, click Randomize to create new or customize them yourself

Webgl Particle Audio Visualizer

by Sehyun Av Kim
A particle system that reacts to audio input

All Chrome Experiments

Tab Maker

by Google Creative Lab
Tab Maker is a tool that helps anyone create custom extensions for Chrome’s ‘new tab’ page.

Shared Piano

by Google Creative Lab
Play music together live on the web.


by Google Research, Google Creative Lab, YouTube Music
An AI-powered singing challenge that rates how closely your singing matches the voice of Freddie Mercury


by Charlie Gerard
Avoid obstacles on an interactive hoverboard built using your phone and a skateboard

A Century of Surface Temperature Anomalies

by Aodhan Sweeney
A webgl globe to visualize how temperatures on Earth have changed over the past century.

Flappy Windows

by Charlie Gerard
Play flappy Bird with browser windows

How New York Are You?

by Jenna Xu
A voice-controlled browser game where two players compete to be crowned the realest New Yorker.


by max bittker
A creative cellular automata browser game

UFO Sightings Around the World

by Man, Grunwald, Xenopaoulos, Villafane
A project analyzing the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) data using the WebGL globe

Surface Floater

by Lusion
WebGL artwork creating a physics system that surrounds a 3D model

Plexus Shaders

by Marco Gomez
A WebGL Music Visualizer

Morse Typing Trainer for Gboard

by Tania Finlayson, Use all Five and Google Creative Lab
A fun little web app to help you learn Morse code on Gboard.
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