Increasing Motorcycle Safety

May 2016 | By Keith Conger

A custom hardware integration for motorcycles.


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After I had a serious motorcycle accident due to equipment failure, I set off to build a system that would notify me via audio and visual cues of potential dangers. My project is made up of an Android app and a piece of hardware the passively monitors data from my tire pressure sensors and ECUs and sends the over bluetooth to my Android Application. Since the CANBUS messages are undocumented I needed to reverse engineer them. I’ve also built a custom keyboard and driver for Android that provides handlebar controls that give full control over the Android device without taking your hands off the handle bars. The Android application currently implements the following: * Full dashboard replacement * Bearing information for the Android devices sensors * Night mode using the devices ambient light sensor. * Audio alerts for low tire pressure, high engine temperature, bulb failure, Ice warning if outside ambient temperature is near freezing and low fuel * Low fuel event will presents the user with the option to suggest nearby fuel stations or to auto-route you to the nearest. *Logs all data for blackbox like functionality

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