BYOTM (Bring Your Own Teachable Machine)

October 2020 | By Matt Santamaria

Send text messages to family and friends using your personalized Teachable Machine speech recognizer.

Simple tasks like sending text messages are not as accessible to some as they are to others. Voice recognition enables text messages to be sent hands-free, but is not personalized to the unique voice of the user. BYOTM lets you text family & friends using your personalized audio model from Teachable Machine. Map your trigger words to customized messages and send them to any phone number - no coding required.

First, generate an audio model with Teachable Machine trained on 2 classes, and upload your model to the cloud. Grab your shareable link, and bring it to BYOTM. Next, fill in the output fields with the phone numbers and messages you want to send. When you are ready, click “Start”, and use the trigger words from your model to begin sending messages.

With BYOTM, voice recognition is tailored to fit your needs, allowing you to connect with others around the world. Bring Your Own Teachable Machine and get started!