AI Experiments

AI Experiments is a showcase for simple experiments that make it easier for anyone to start exploring machine learning, through pictures, drawings, language, music, and more.
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AI + Learning
Teachable Machine
by Google Creative Lab
Teach a machine using your camera, live in the browser - no coding required.
What Neural Networks See
by Gene Kogan
Explore the layers of a neural network with your camera.
Visualizing High-Dimensional Space
by Smilkov / Viégas / Wattenberg
Get a peek at how machine learning works.
AI + Drawing
Quick, Draw!
by Google Creative Lab
A game where a neural net tries to guess what you’re drawing.
Sketch-RNN Demos
by Ha / Jongejan / Johnson
Draw together with a neural network.
Handwriting with a Neural Net
by Carter / Ha / Johnson / Olah
Play with a neural net that generates handwriting based on your style.
AI + Music
AI Duet
by Yotam Mann
A piano that responds to you.
Bird Sounds
by Manny Tan & Kyle McDonald
Thousands of bird sounds visualized using machine learning.
NSynth: Sound Maker
by Yotam Mann
Make unusual new sounds with machine learning.
All AI Experiments
Talk to Books
by Google AI
Browse passages from books using experimental AI
Scribbling Speech
by Xinyue Yang
Turn real time free speech into animated drawings
by Eric Lu
Turn a photo into a cartoon with a neural network
Move Mirror
by Google Creative Lab
Explore pictures in a fun new way, just by moving around.
by Jack Qiao
Generate font combinations with deep learning
by Google AI
Word association games powered by semantic search
by Janelle Shane
When knitters teamed up with a neural network
Morse + WaveNet Starter Code
by Jane Friedhoff and Use All Five
Demo web app that showcases the power of Morse code + AI.
Scrying Pen
by Andy Matuschak
A realtime implementation of SketchRNN which predicts future strokes while you draw
Emoji Scavenger Hunt
by Google Brand Studio
Identify emojis in the real world with your phone’s camera
Beat Blender
by Creative Lab + Magenta
Blend beats using machine learning to create music in a fun new way.
Melody Mixer
by Blankensmith / Phillips
A fun way to explore melodies using machine learning
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