Assisted Melody

June 2021 | By Google Magenta in collaboration with Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Simon Doury

Compose melodies like a maestro

Ever dreamed about composing a melody with Bach? Or playing on Mozart's harpsichord? Or even turning a Beethoven style composition into an electronic masterpiece?

Over a year ago we launched Assisted Melody, an experiment that helped you to compose your own tune on a virtual sheet of music, and with the click of a button make it sound like Bach. For World Music Day, a new version of Assisted Melody invites you to play classical music and compose your own melody in the signature style of the maestros Mozart and Beethoven. Not only will you be able to compose directly on each maestro’s favorite instrument (Mozart's harpsichord, for example), you can also hear your stylized output on a wide range of modern instruments from the flute to the synthesizer. 

Play and share your inspiring creations with your friends!