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Assisted Melody

July 2020 | By Simon Doury, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab with Google Magenta

Compose melodies like a maestro

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Assisted Melody allows you to create melodies with the help of maestro composers.

Are you familiar with Bach’s harmonies? Considered as one of the most important figures of occidental classical music, J.S. Bach used to be a virtuoso organist. His duty to accompany the religious service in Leipzig led to the composition of cycles of chorale cantatas which were used to conceive this experiment. 

With Assisted Melody, you can compose your own tune with a virtual piano keyboard and make it sound like Bach.

To develop this experiment, we trained a Machine Learning model - the Magenta Coconet Machine Learning model - on Bach’s chorale cantatas to harmonize short melodies with a Bach twist.

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