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Experiments are projects that push the boundaries of art, technology, design and culture. Experiments inspire, teach, and delight.

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by Google Arts & Culture
Explore endangered languages by using your phone’s camera to discover translations for the...

Bouncing Band

by oio
Bouncing Band turns any space into a musical instrument. Just use objects and characters from...

Hip Hop Poetry Bot

by Alex Fefegha in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture
The Hip Hop Poetry Bot is an AI research project, exploring speech generation trained on rap and...

Let Me Dream Again

by Anna Ridler in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture
An endlessly generating film and soundtrack trained on the audio and visuals of early Hollywood...

The Nonsense Laboratory

by Allison Parish in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture
What does spelling sound like? The Nonsense Laboratory uses machine learning to let you poke at,...

Artists + Machine Intelligence Grants

by Google Arts & Culture Lab, Google Research
Google Arts & Culture and Google Research support contemporary artists working with machine...


by Cristina Tarquini in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture
Discover why jellyfish populations are booming and the clues their increased numbers can tell us...

The Lagoon

by Felicity Hammond in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture
Watch a fictional coastal city disappear under water with this durational video collage

Climate Change Impact Filter

by Sey Min in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture
An interactive machine learning experiment that visualises what we might lose and what will...

Plastic Air

by Giorgia Lupi in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture
Explore the impact microplastics in our air are having on the environment and our own health too

Measure Up

by Google Creative Lab
Measure spaces and objects around you in augmented reality.

Art Emotions Map

by Nicolas Barradeau, Romain Cazier, Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab, Alan Cowen, U.C. Berkeley
Explore the atlas of emotions and see how artworks are connected with your feelings!
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