AR Experiments

AR Experiments is a site that features work by coders who are experimenting with augmented reality in exciting ways. These experiments use various tools like ARCore, an SDK that lets Android developers create awesome AR experiences. We’re featuring some of our favorite projects here to help inspire more coders to imagine what could be made with AR.

AR + Drawing

AR Experiments: Expanding creative possibilities with ARCore

Since launching ARCore, we’ve seen creators of all disciplines use augmented reality to re-imagine what’s possible. Watch this video to see what people are creating.

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by Nord Projects for Google
Transform any surface into AR using Raspberry Pi, a laser projector, and Android Things.
Garden Friends
by Eran Hilleli & Nicole He
Help a quirky AR character grow his garden using your voice.
Just a Line
by Google Creative Lab
The first cross-platform collaborative AR app (for doodling)
by Active Theory
An enchanting AR snow globe.
by Paterson / Alvarado / Jongejan
Decorate your world with AR animations.
Draw and Dance
by Anna Fusté & Judith Amores
Your very own dancing stick figure.
ARCore Drawing
by Jonas Jongejan
Draw in 3d space using ARCore.
Glass Sculptor
by Active Theory
Create a glass sculpture that floats around you.
Flight Paths
by William Lindmeier
A visualization of flight data that floats around you.
Portal Painter
by Jane Friedhoff
Draw portals to other dimensions.
Paper Cubes
by Anna Fusté & Judith Amores
Create AR experiences using physical materials like paper.
Invisible Highway
by Fusté / Amores / Jam3
Draw an imaginary highway for a real robot to cruise on.
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