September 2017 | By Tea Uglow, Jonny Richards, Jude Osborn, Kirstin Sillitoe

Using digital to bring the physical world to life

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XY-Fi allows you to mouse-over the physical world, with your phone. By connecting your smartphone to a local Wi-Fi network we can use your device as a remote control that can interact with the surrounding space. Augmenting physical environments with sound, light or mechanical reaction so that by pointing your device you can play videos, or paint with light, or open hidden doors, or hear information or just play games against a friend. XY-Fi uses common web technology; a laptop, a Wi-Fi router, WebSockets, captive portal technology and, for output we use a TV or projector. It is not a native app. The model works with multiple-user groups, and has been actively tested with up to 20 simultaneous connections. The XY-Fi experiment has been used in collaborations with creative partners at festivals and events and institutions globally, most recently powering an interactive exhibition at the British Museum. You can play with the code on Github.