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Arts & Culture Experiments

Try out experiments at the crossroads of art and technology, created by artists and creative coders with Google Arts & Culture.

Heartbeat of the Earth

A series of online artworks interpreting climate data.

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by Fabian Oefner
Witness the shocking glacial retreat of two glaciers in Switzerland over the last 140 years. All dat...

Coastline Paradox

by Timo Aho and Pekka Niittyvirta
A Map and Street View experiment visualising the actual and predicted global sea level rise caused b...

Diving into an Acidifying Ocean

by Cristina Tarquini
An interactive data visualisation, inviting you to dive into the ocean and explore the impact of ris...

What We Eat

by Laurie Frick 
Explore the CO2 footprint for individual foods and diets in the US, France and UK. All data and its ...

Chauvet: The Dawn of Art

by Jonathan Tanant, Google Arts & Culture, Atlas V
Explore the prehistoric Chauvet Cave in France

Beyond Scrolls & Screens

by Christine Sugrue, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Discover extraordinary details in Japanese scrolls and screens thanks to Machine Learning.

The Museum of the World

by Google Arts & Culture
Discover the British Museum's collection through time, continents and cultures

Runway Palette

by Cyril Diagne, Google Arts & Culture Lab, The Business of Fashion
Find out which color palettes top designers have used in fashion shows.

Living Archive by Wayne McGregor

by Bastien Girschig, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Strike a pose and create your own choreography – with a little help from machine learning.

From a picture to a thousand stories

by Gael Hugo, Google Arts & Culture Lab
In collaboration with Google Books, start from a single image to explore thousands of stories.

Jacquard x Google Arts & Culture - Artist Residency

by Google Arts & Culture Lab, Jacquard
An artist-in-residency exploring synergies between technology, art, and fashion.

VersaillesVR: The Palace is Yours

by Jonathan Tanant, Google Arts & Culture
Explore the Palace of Versailles in VR
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