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Try out experiments at the crossroads of art and technology, created by artists and creative coders with Google Arts & Culture.

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Art Palette
by Simon Doury & Etienne Ferrier
Find artworks that match your chosen color palette
by Google Arts & Culture
Discover Bagan's incredible temples in 3D and VR
by Gaël Hugo
Browse through the 20th century via Tags defined by Machine Learning.
MoMA & Machine Learning
by Google Arts & Culture
Identifying MoMA artworks using Machine Learning
X Degrees of Separation
by Mario Klingemann & Simon Doury
The hidden paths through culture
t-SNE Map
by Cyril Diagne, Nicolas Barradeau & Simon Doury
Artworks mapped using Machine Learning.
Free Fall
by Cyril Diagne & Nicolas Barradeau
Explore artworks in one 3 dimensional space
Curator Table
by Cyril Diagne & Simon Doury
Discover connections between artworks
by Cyril Diagne & Gaël Hugo
Could computers help identify artworks?
by Tea Uglow, Jonny Richards, Jude Osborn, Kirstin Sillitoe
Using digital to bring the physical world to life
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