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Arts & Culture Experiments

Try out experiments at the crossroads of art and technology, created by Artists and Creative Coders with Google Arts & Culture.

A Creative Season with Arts & Culture Experiments

With so many artefacts and historic treasures from museums and cultural institutions around the world to explore on Google Arts & Culture, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why our Creative Coders like to experiment with playful tools for you to discover the hidden gems curated by our many partner institutions.

Play with Arts & Culture

Play is perhaps one of the best ways to learn about new things. That is why creative coders in the Google Arts & Culture Lab created "Play with Arts & Culture" - a collection of five interactive games that make art, culture and history accessible in a fun and educational way. Everybody is invited to test their knowledge, solve puzzles or get creative on their own or together with friends and family.
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Heartbeat of the Earth

A series of online artworks interpreting climate data.
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All Arts & Culture Experiments


by Christine Sugrue and Jonathan Tanant, Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Celebrate Diwali @ Home with Augmented Reality!

Art Coloring Book

by Simon Doury, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Color your way through the palettes of famous paintings

Puzzle Party

by Gael Hugo, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Solve artistic jigsaw puzzles together with family and friends

Street Galleries x United Nations

by Martial Geoffre-Rouland, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Place artworks curated by the United Nations (UN75) in the streets of 10 cities around the world.

Magnify Miniatures

by Christine Sugrue, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Explore the National Museum of India’s collection of miniature paintings and discover amazing detail...

Hopper the Penguin Explorer

by Jonathan Tanant, Nicolas Barradeau, Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Travel around the world with a pesky penguin

Color Hunt

by Caroline Buttet, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Fill your favorite painting with your colors!

Assisted Melody

by Simon Doury, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab with Google Magenta
Compose melodies like a maestro

An Ocean of Books

by Gael Hugo, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab and Satellite Studio
Open this fantasy map and navigate an ocean of books

Draw to Art: Shape Edition

by Bastien Girschig, Romain Cazier, Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab in collaboration with Google Creative Lab
Sketch and discover inspiring artworks


by Google Arts & Culture, Macquarie University, Ubisoft and Psycle Interactive.
Decoding Egyptian hieroglyphs with machine learning

Visual Crosswords

by Emil Wallner, Jonathan Blanchet, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Discover more art through unexpected pairings
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