December 2018 | By Akash Kumar, Akshansh Chaudhary, Beckett Melville, Yiqin Ma, Yimei Zhu, Fifi Wu

Make music by typing letters in Morse Code and hearing their respective notes

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This experiment was created during a 3 day Morse Code Game Jam at the Adaptive Design Association. It is intended to be used with the Gboard Morse keyboard

There are two modes to HSynth, ‘create’ and ‘play’. They go hand in hand and are both necessary to create a compelling experience for our client. 

The intention here is to allow our client to type in letters and have them play back their respective sounds. She may type in a single letter or a string of letters and after a set timeout the entered characters will play their respective notes. Each letter of the alphabet has been assigned an actual note. This will allow she to become familiar with the sound that is related to each note. The hope is to increase retention and allow she to learn morse code even faster. 

Once she has mastered the letters of the alphabet the play mode gives her something to look forward to. In this mode a word is displayed on the screen and, as in the create mode, the sound for each letter is played. The intention is the have she then recreate the word displayed on the screen. This is more challenging and will hopefully make this game more engaging for she. 

This game is designed to be a dynamic web app but is made primarily to run on an iPad Pro so it is represented in a portrait orientation.