Animated Gif of man in front of a laptop computer rotating his head to move a blue cursor that is mapped to his nose. A colorful musical keyboard is overlaid. As the cursor moves over the keys, sound waves appear and they become brighter.
Exploring how creative tools can be made more accessible for everyone.
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Animated GIF of a phone being held up to United States bills. Imagery of Grace Hopper, Pauli Murray, and Jovita Idár is overlaid on the bills within the a camera viewfinder.
Notable Women
An AR Experiment that lets anyone see 100 historic American women where they’ve historically been left out: U.S. currency. (
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Move Mirror
Explore pictures in a fun new way, just by moving around.
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Hello Morse
A collection of AI and Chrome experiments inspired by Morse code on Android Gboard
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Teachable Machine
Teach a machine using your camera, live in the browser - no coding required.
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Voice Experiments
Explore voice interaction in fun new ways.
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Since 2009, coders have created thousands of amazing experiments using Chrome, Android, AI, Web VR, AR and more. We're showcasing projects here, along with helpful tools and resources, to inspire others to create new experiments. Here are collections of experiments to explore, with new ones added every week. Have fun.

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Exploring how creative tools can be made more accessible for everyone.

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Experimenting with augmented reality in exciting ways

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Recent Experiments

NASA's Visual Universe

by Simon Doury, Gael Hugo, Romain Cazier
Lift off through 60 years of NASA exploration

Big Bang AR

by Google Arts & Culture Lab
The story of our universe in mixed reality, in collaboration with CERN

Jacquard x Google Arts & Culture - Artist Residency

by Google Arts & Culture Lab, Jacquard
Google Arts & Culture and Jacquard (Google ATAP) are launching the first artist-in-residency with the goal of exploring synergies between technology, art, and fashion.

Shadow Art

by Google ZOO &
Try your hands at the ancient art of shadow puppetry, with a little help from AI.