Onslaught! Arena

December 2010 | By Lost Decade Games


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Onslaught! Arena is a fast-paced, arcade-style medieval fantasy shoot 'em up. Fans of retro classics like Archon, Smash TV, Geometry Wars and Gauntlet should feel right at home. * Quick gameplay, easy to pop in and start having fun immediately * Ability to continue from your last saved game * Compete with other players online via the high score table 50 WAVES OF MEDIEVAL MONSTERS: Hordes of cyclops, goblins, imps, sandworms and more await you in the arena. 5 UNIQUE BOSS BATTLES: Face off with the Gelatinous Cube, Minotaur, Green Dragon, and other huge beasts, all with unique behaviors, weaknesses and strategies. DEADLY MEDIEVAL FANTASY WEAPONS: Throw battle axes, daggers, broadswords, fireballs and other unlockable weapons to fend off the horde. TRY THE FREE DEMO: The Free Trial offers 10 waves of action, including one of the 5 unique bosses. Buy the full version via the Chrome Web Store. Glory awaits you in the arena!