Origami Simulator

October 2017 | By Amanda Ghassaei

In Web VR simulate how any origami crease pattern will fold in 3D.


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This app allows you to simulate how any origami crease pattern will fold in 3D. It may look a little different from what you typically think of as "origami" - rather than folding paper in a set of sequential steps, this simulation attempts to fold every crease simultaneously. It does this by iteratively solving for small displacements in the geometry of an initially flat sheet due to forces exerted by creases. This solver extends work from the papers “Origami Folding: A Structural Engineering Approach” by Mark Schenk and Simon D. Guest and “Freeform Variations of Origami” by Tomohiro Tachi. All simulation methods were written from scratch and are executed in parallel in several GPU fragment shaders for fast performance. The app also supports an immersive VR mode using Web VR on the Vive and Oculus, where you can interact with the folding origami directly and visualize its internal strain. Find more information at http://www.amandaghassaei.com/projects/origami simulator/

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