Kick with Chrome

June 2014 | By Google

This experiment is no longer active, but you can still learn about it on this page.


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Whether you’re from Croatia, Cameroon or Colombia, chances are you’re cheering on your country’s team as they vie for the ultimate soccer achievement: winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. Now Chromies around the world can get in on the action with Kick with Chrome, a new Chrome Experiment that will help you tap into your inner soccer champion. In Kick with Chrome, you can play three different games: Infinite Dribble, Space Kick, and Shootout. In Infinite Dribble, tilt your phone or tablet to dodge defenders and roadblocks. Kick the ball high in the sky in Space Kick. Or kick and block penalty shots in the best-of-three game Shootout. Thanks to the latest mobile web platform technologies, your phone or tablet is always your game controller in Kick with Chrome, and you can play with or without your desktop computer. Web technologies like WebRTC DataChannel and WebSockets enable the real-time mobile-to-desktop connection, and the HTML5 Fullscreen, Accelerometer and Vibration APIs create the rich mobile web experience. Just open Chrome on your Mac or Windows laptop, Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad and kick things off.

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