Body, Movement, Language: AI Sketches With Bill T. Jones

May 2019 | By Bill T. Jones & Google Creative Lab

PoseNet experiments made in collaboration with one of America’s most celebrated and important artists.

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Explore the intersections of art, technology, identity and the body with this suite of PoseNet and voice experiments developed by Google Creative Lab and pioneering choreographer, Tony Award winner and MacArthur Fellow, Bill T. Jones. 

All four experiments in the collection were built using the PoseNet machine learning model running on Tensorflow.js. Bill and the team took full advantage of the creative possibilities of pose estimation technology in designing unique interactions based on voice and movement. Since PoseNet can be accessed by anyone using a web-browser and a simple camera, the experiments invite users everywhere to explore the creative possibilities of their own bodies and make new connections with Bill’s iconic solo, 21. 

To learn more about the development process, or get started with your own PoseNet experiments, you can read this blog post.

This was a collaboration between Bill T. Jones, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company of New York Live Arts, Mutaurwa Mapondera, Maya Man, James Scott, Michelle Bailhe, Errol King, Coryn Bajema, Jordan Hollander, Maher Mahmood, Jane Friedhoff and other teammates at the Google Creative Lab, with support from Malika Saada Sar, William Floyd, and friends at Use All Five, MixTape Club, Flies Collective, and Selman Design.