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Open Lab: Home Sprints

June 2020 | By Google Arts & Culture Lab, MIT Media Lab

A collaboration between MIT Media Lab and Google Arts & Culture, bringing together a global community of artists and technologists to experiment, spark new ideas, and share time whilst it is not possible to share physical space during quarantine.

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Continuing both MIT Media Lab’s and Google Arts & Culture Lab’s support of interdisciplinary experimentation across art and technology, Open Lab: Home Sprint was a 48 hour creative exchange between over 40 artists and creative technologists. Many of the participants had never met before, coming together to collaborate in highly interdisciplinary groups combining skills from choreography to engineering; photography to architecture; sound art to interaction design. This global, digital community spanned 11 countries and 5 continents. 

The exchange was artist led, with 14 artists proposing prior to the sprint a project idea, each responding in its own unique way to some of the challenges and questions raised during Quarantine. Based on these proposals the artists were paired in as close a match as possible with a group of interdisciplinary creative technologists, designers, and other artists, with whom they had 48 hour creative exchange to develop the idea. 

Through this process, the participants began to recreate in virtual space the meaningful connections between disciplines and serendipity of discovery that characterise the physical spaces of both the MIT Media Lab and the Google Arts & Culture Lab that were closed during this time.
From the sprint 14 concepts were developed, across disciplines including dance, visual art, photography, film, architecture, audio design.