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Collections are curated stories showcasing the best of experiments, tools, and resources on the site.

A Creative Summer with Arts & Culture Experiments

A new collection of experiments developed by the Google Arts & Culture Lab to get creative and playful.

Play with Arts & Culture

A new collection of entertaining games to connect with art in your daily life launches on Google Arts & Culture.

Experiments for Learning

A collection of experiments that teachers, students, and families are using to learn from home.

AI + Writing

Experiments that set out to explore whether machine learning could be used by writers to inspire, unblock and enrich their process.

Start With One

A collection of experiments that started by working with one person to make something impactful for them and their community.

Heartbeat of the Earth

A series of online artworks interpreting climate data.

Inside Guide

Inside Guide brings together four weeks of fun stuff to do at home this (especially weird) summer.


Exploring how creative tools can be made more accessible for everyone.

Digital Wellbeing Experiments

A showcase of ideas and tools that help people find a better balance with technology.

Hello Morse

A collection of AI and Chrome experiments inspired by Morse code on Android Gboard

Voice Experiments

Explore voice interaction in fun new ways.

Canvas Quiz

Make custom, voice-enabled question-answer games for the Google Assistant.

Arts & Culture Experiments

See what happens at the crossroads of art and technology

AR Experiments

Experimenting with augmented reality in exciting ways

AI Experiments

Celebrating Creativity and AI

Web VR Experiments

Virtual reality on the web for everyone.

Android Experiments

A celebration of creativity and code on Android.

Chrome Experiments

Creative code for the web.