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Social Collider

by Sascha Pohflepp and Karsten Schmidt
The Social Collider reveals cross-connections between conversations on Twitter. With the...

The Qubitzoid

by Crazy Qubits
The QubitZoid is an interactive metaverse; a real-time social sculpture, a post-digital living...

The Drumlet

by Epic Agency
The Drumlet is the lastest experiment from mixing Javascript, Canvas, Web Audio and...


by 16
An online and social Box2D editor. Allows user to build and share physics based worlds, then...

Hya Wave

by Cristiano Belloni
A modern audio sample editor for the Web featuring: - Copy, paste, cut, clear, crop - Seamless...


by Google Creative Lab
Activate a social distancing radar in augmented reality.

We Need Us

by Julie Freeman
We Need Us asks questions about the purpose and nature of data, beyond their informational...

OpenData Globe

by Laurens Schuurkamp
The dynamics of European cities are made visible in the Open Data Globe, based on available...
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