Lines of Play

June 2020 | By Google Creative Lab

An open source AR experiment that uses Google's ARCore Depth API to generate domino art creations that interact with the real world.


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Design domino art creations that interact with the real world, thanks to Google's ARCore Depth API. This update to ARCore enables supported phones to capture information about the depth of a scene — no fancy sensors or add-ons needed, just use your camera to experiment with all the features ARCore has to offer. And, because Lines of Play is an AR Experiment, all of the code is open source so you can tinker with that, too. Here are some of our favorite features. 

Since depth enables us to understand how far objects in a scene are from one another, we can know when an AR object should be hidden, or occluded, behind a real object. In Lines of Play, dominoes that appear to be “behind” a real object are treated exactly like they would in real life — hidden.

The depth map provides finer scene data than ever before, and we use that additional information to craft more compelling physics. For instance, the depth map can accurately detect when a piece of furniture is in the way of a path of dominoes, and the dominoes will react accordingly by stopping once they bump into the furniture.

Try combining their effects to create even more awe-inspiring works of domino art!

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