January 2020 | By Brendan Browne-Adams, Lahari Goswami, Miki Chiu, Tayo Kopfer, Twomuch Studio

The infinite scroll. It's dangerously easy to scroll mindlessly for hours, especially when it comes to social media. So what if we playfully visualised infinite scrolling as a deep sea dive, to help people experience their scrolling habit more tangibly?

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Anchor is a simple Chrome extension which plays on this feeling of sinking. The further down you scroll, the deeper you dive — and you can watch as your screen slowly turns a dark blue, a little fish swims across your screen, and finally, you hit a (literal) rock bottom. We're thinking this could be easily adapted and expanded (by you!) into a whole series of scrolling experiments. Think cave exploring, parachuting, digging to the center of the Earth... All our code is available on GitHub for you to play with and evolve. Try out our little experiment, and see what it's like to scroll to the bottom of the ocean.