Dance Tonite

August 2017 | By Jonathan Puckey, Moniker & the Google Data Arts Team

An ever-changing VR collaboration by LCD Soundsystem and their fans

This experiment is no longer active, but you can still learn about it on this page.


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Dance Tonite is an ever-changing VR collaboration by LCD Soundsystem and their fans featuring the band’s new song, “Tonite.” In it, you go from room to room experiencing a series of dance performances created entirely by fans. Using WebVR, the experience is accessible from a single URL ( is asymmetrically designed to work across platforms, giving the user a different role in the experience depending on their device. 

With Daydream View or other handheld VR headsets, you are on stage watching the experience unfold around you. With room-scale VR such as the HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift (which enable your physical movements to be reflected in your virtual environment), you are a performer. And without VR, you are in the audience getting a bird’s eye view perspective. 

Dance Tonite was created by artists Jonathan Puckey and Moniker in collaboration with the Data Arts Team, a specialized team within Google exploring the ongoing dialog between artists and emerging technologies.