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Music Music Revolution

by Britt Gresham
Music Music Revolution is a Dance Dance Revolution type game using the Left, Right, and Up keys...

3D Trig Music Visualizer

by Steven Hoffing
A music visualizer that uses various trig equations and a bloom filter to generate a...

Webcam Music

by Karen Peng
Create a song when you move (dance) . A whole new experience of music.

JavaScript Systems Music

by Tero Parviainen
An article and tutorial that recreates three classic works of generative music with Web Audio:...


by Han CHEN; Yixing JIANG
Can we 3D print our favourite music? Our answer is YES?This interactive 3D music visualization...

marching cubes music player

by geraldine erman
THREE.js "marching cubes" animated to music and textured with webcam


by Dinahmoe
Plink is a multiplayer music experience with a super intuitive user interface. Simply by...

WebGL Music Visualizer

by Jacob Seidelin
This music visualizer allows you to create and watch real-time visualizations of music. Load...

Space Music

by Tarek Sherif
Create a musical planetary system.

Chrome Music Lab

by Google Creative Lab
Music is for everyone. Play with these simple experiments to explore how music works. They’re...


by Eddie Lee
A WebGL? music visualizer using the wonderful music of Teebs.

AR Music Kit

by Yuri Suzuki
A DIY musical instrument.

Deja vu | KAMRA

by dot by dot inc.
This is an interactive music video for new single “Deja vu” by up-and-coming electro music...

see hear party

by Peter Javidpour
See Hear Party is a gif-based music visualizer ( It pulls gifs from...

A Dive In Music

by Damien BENOIT aka Vor
"A dive in music" started as a simple experimentation of music/sound visualization in 3d but I...

Song Exploder Presents: Inside Music

by Google Creative Lab
What if you could step inside a song? This is a simple experiment that explores that idea. See...


by Lodewijk Bogaards
Interactive music visualizer. Music is streamed directly from Soundcloud. * VJ controls *...


by igorski
Kosm is a gravity based music sequencer.

Poco Apollo

by Halldór Eldjárn
Generative music derived from NASA Apollo mission images

Because Recollection

by 84.Paris
The music label "Because Music" is ten years old. For this anniversary, discover Because...


by Spencer Sheridan
A keyboard-based interactive music video for the LA-based band Busy Living. This experiment lets...


by Whitevinyl
Interactive music exploration,


by Ben Ross
An interactive music video for the song "Pieces/Together" by synthpop artist Maxwell Powers. As...


by Jayesh Salvi
?sic is HTML5 music player that plays your music collection from local hard drive (mp3,ogg,m4a)....


by Sven Nobis
The FiveMusicPlayer is a pure Web-Music-Player with a 3D user interface, including album cover...

Seeing Music

by Jay Alan Zimmerman
Experience music visually.


by Benjamin Matuszewski
neural network producing music


by Berenger
A set of apps to create electronic music collaboratively.


by jonobr1
Make music while you write.

Shared Piano

by Google Creative Lab
Play music together live on the web.

Dennis: A Music Video

by George Michael Brower
An audio-responsive, real time music video. Uses a custom audio engine to access individual...


by Charlie Gleason
A real time Twitter-powered music video


by Dean Alex
CUB is a procedurally generated 3D game and music. All of the textures, geometry, sound samples,...

ToneCraft 3D Music

by Dinahmoe
ToneCraft lets you build music in 3D. The Y-axis represents the pitch of the tone, the X-axis...

Rainbow Road

by EPOCH Inc., SONICJAM Tokyo, stoicsense
This experiment is a special music game for the new album by Japanese artist "Ayaka". This...


by Thomas Van Glabeke
A navigable audio experiment where buildings react to the music.


by inear
An interactive plant, reacting to the music and mouse movements.

Rocking Dendrites

by Jaume Sánchez
Procedurally generated dendrite-looking structures that react to music.


by HelloEnjoy
An HTML5 game by HelloEnjoy with music by Du Tonc

Endless Forest

by OutsideOfSociety
Some kinda music visualization while running in to an endless forest.

FlowMaster 3

by Giacomo De Cillis & Davis.Li
Trying to create a "krakatoa" styled realtime particle flow, it reacts on music and or...

Lines | Joy Division Visualisation

by Silvio Paganini
Visualising Joy Division Album cover as a music spectrum


by Einar Öberg
A procedural eye that react to the music and follows the mouse.


by Chad McKinney
Lich.js is a browser based live coding language for music and graphics.


by Or Fleisher
An interactive live music performance, performed by LIVYATANIM

Plexus Shaders

by Marco Gomez
A WebGL Music Visualizer


by Omar Huseynov
Music based WebGL experience made with Babylon.js. Headphones are recommended for the best experience.


by Yannis Gravezas
Rhythm-driven ShaderToy, modulated with Clubber.js. This experiment adds WebGL visuals to your...

WebGL Terrain

by AlteredQualia
Dynamic procedural terrain using 3d simplex noise. Featuring birds from Music by Kevin MacLeod.


by Or Fleisher
"LIVYATANIM: Myth" is an interactive WebVR film, featuring the music of LIVYATANIM band


by Dominic Szablewski
A non-interactive music visualization. Is uses the current playing position of the audio file to...

Simon Says

by Daniel Christopher
A fun and simple music memory game. Inspired by Simon, a toy from the 80s

Under Neon Lights

by Within
An interactive, virtual reality music experience from Within, featuring the song “Under Neon...

Infinite Bad Guy

by YouTube Music, Google Creative Lab, IYOIYO, Plan8
One Song. Thousands of covers. An infinite music video experiment.

Ellie Goulding's Lights

by HelloEnjoy
Lose yourself in Ellie Goulding’s Lights, an interactive and colorful music experience using WebGL.

Walk In A Fog

by David Mignot
Interactive video clip for "Walk in a fog", a music by SoulSonic.

3D Waveform

by Mr.doob
3D representation of the music playing. A blue box determine the position of the signal being...

The Bravest Man In The Universe

by B-Reel
A mobile interactive music video, featuring Bobby Womack.


by Whitevinyl, Luke Phillips, Edward Silverton
BlokDust is a free web-based music maker, play with synths, samplers & self-playing...

Giorgio Cam

by Eric Rosenbaum & Yotam Mann
Take a picture to make music with the computer.


by Jacob Seidelin
A limited JavaScript/canvas port of the WinAmp music visualization plugin MilkDrop. More details...

I/O 2015 Experiment

by Instrument
As a playful wink, this experiment inverts the Google I/O website to present its musical twin....


by Per-Olov Jernberg
This is a port of one of our old (2000) windows 64k intros, it contains synchronized audio and...

DEO's Interactive Love Greeting

by Kvartetten DEO
"DEO's Interactive Love Greeting" is an interactive music video where you can send greetings to...

Paint with Music

by Artists in residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Simon Doury, Caroline Buttet
Turn your paint brush into musical instruments and compose on sensorial canvases!

Echo: A Music Game

by Tone no Tone
Echo challenges the player to match a given musical pattern by placing pieces relative to the...

by Cristiano Belloni
A web DAW with save in the cloud features, dynamically loaded plugins, public patches and midi...

Chrome Music Lab: Song Maker

by Google Creative Lab + Use All Five
A simple way to make and share a song.

Valley Of Uncanny #01

by Vibeke Bertelsen (Udart)
This is a WebGL animation set to music. Two 3D models are distorted using an animated normalmap...

Above the Clouds: A mesmerizing journey above the Earth

by Ivan Moreno & Delia Otetea
Realtime interactive cinematic experience over the Earth. Music by Sean Beeson.

Instrument Playground

by By Simon Doury, Artist In Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Generate, play and compose music inspired by instruments across the globe with the help of Google AI

Bouncy Balls

by Paul Neave
Make all kinds of bouncy balls react to sounds from your microphone. A great sound/noise monitor...

Particle dust

by Dominic
Lots of particles running on the GPU. A re visitation of an old C++ project. Music: With our...

Scan Sequencer Javascript

by JeongHo Park
Using a webcam, make real-time music with your movements

Real Slow

by Nithi Prasanpanich
An interactive sound visualization for “Real Slow (Gold Fields Remix)” by an indie-electronic...

Flora Drift

by Luke Twyman
FLORA DRIFT is an interactive synth garden, which procedurally generates music & visuals. There...

Clarion Lite

by OpenUp Music & Use All Five
An expressive, adaptable musical instrument in your web browser.

Tele Pop Space Travel

by yahlab
TELE POP SPACE TRAVEL is a css3 music interactive experience. This project is a complete...

Lyrics Video

by Yvo Schaap
Lyrics Video is an exprimental app which allows you to create your own music video by matching...

Deleting Borders

by We Work We Play
Deleting Borders is an HTML5 music sequencer with a visual based on Delaunay triangulation....

No Eleven - High

by No Eleven
This is a music video for the trip-hop band "No Eleven". Images which are used in the...


by Luxloop
An interactive music video for the single "Pigments" by Elohim. Connect your phone to the...

A more better life

by Thibaut Duverneix
An interactive film that uses face-recognition technology and music from Young Empires. In order...

Over the Hills

by ultranoir
For their first collaboration, the ultranoir agency and the artist McBess invite you to discover...

Google IO15

by Jaume Sanchez
To celebrate Google I/O 2015, here's an experiment with WebGL, Web Audio API, physics,...

ALB - Golden Chains

by ACNE Production
Pushing the browsers video-playback capabilities, this experience lets you interact with the...

NSynth Super

by Magenta / Google Creative Lab
Making music using new sounds generated with machine learning

Sound Spirals

by Tomas Gonzalez Vivo
Sound Spirals is an artistic app. It's a spiral that changes color and form based of the...


by Bernhard Pauler
copainter does to painting what Google's own JAM with Chrome does to music: A web painting app...

Black Rain

by Marpi
New collaboration with exploring the work of artist Archan Nair, with music by An On Bast and...


by Damien Mortini
House is an interactive musical experiment made for Christmas Experiments 2013. It allows you...

Arkade London / Audio Reactive Art

by samuel honigstein
Arkade London is a purely personal and experimental webVJ fan art. It gives users some graphic...

Viola the Bird

by David Li, artist in residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Experience a new cello-inspired instrument in the latest music-meets-tech instalment from David...


by Stefano Maccarelli
ROGER WATER is an endless flying exploration of a generative, infinite open world made of...

All Is Not Lost

by OK Go and Google
A participatory music video in multiple windows. powered by HTML5. Enter a message to be danced...

Mass Migrations

by Marpi
An experiment in mecha world creation. Create, adopt and set them free. Build your custom...


by Daniel Pettersson
A shiny 3d graph describing how music artist are related. Layout of the graph is done with a...

AR Synth

by Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Jonathan Tanant and Christine Sugrue
Turn your home into an electronic music studio with 3D and Augmented Reality!

Music LM Workshop

by Antoine Bertin, Neil Zeghidour, and Simon Doury, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Describing a musical idea and hearing it come to life


by Chris Benjaminsen
Hex FRVR is an easy to learn, but hard to master hexagon puzzle game. The goal was to make a...

George & Jonathan III

by George & Jonathan
For our third full length album, George & Jonathan III, we decided to let you see all the notes...

Word Synth

by Google Creative Lab
A fun way to play with speech and music.

Haiku Imagined

by Lynn Cherny, Christine Sugrue, Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Take a pause: Experience traditional and modern haiku lovingly illustrated and animated with AI...


by Isaac Cohen
Cabbibo is an online playground that includes activities such as creating art using your...

Touch Pianist

by Batuhan Bozkurt
Touch Pianist is a musical toy / instrument that allows the user to perform hard-to-play...

JAM with Chrome

by Google
JAM with Chrome is an interactive web application that allows friends in different locations to...


by Univers Labs
SUPER-LOOPER. An easy to use, fun little music making app that instantly takes you back to the...

Assisted Melody

by Google Magenta in collaboration with Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Simon Doury
Compose melodies like a maestro


by jonobr1
Tether is an interactive web application created by Jono Brandel in collaboration with Plaid...

Bouncing Band

by oio
Bouncing Band turns any space into a musical instrument. Just use objects and characters from...

Songs of Diridum

by Goo Technologies
Experience true web hi-fi jazz in a 3D magic voxel world with WebGL and WebAudio. Use WASD or ...

CSS Space Shooter

by Michael Bromley
An old-school arcade-style 3D shoot-em-up implemented in CSS and HTML. I wanted to see how far I...


by Eoghan O'Keeffe
Interactive music visualizations using your webcam

Musiv (Music Visualizer)

by Andre Ruegg
A visualizer using dots and other components that change color, size, and speed depending on the...

The Bellman

by Daniel Harley
The Bellman is a web-only adaptation of part of a novella by Daniel Harley. The story is...


by Xueqiao Xu
Euphony is a web-based MIDI player and visualizer inspired by MIDITrail. Features: -...


by ultranoir
Yara n Yared is a duo album produced by world renowned film composer Gabriel Yared. Ultranoir...

Lo-Fi Player

by Vibert Thio
Virtual room in your browser that lets you play with the Lo-Fi VIBE and relax.


by Google Creative Lab
Make music using simple voice commands.

Through The Dark

by Google Play Music
A collaboration with Google Play Music and #1 selling Australian artist Hilltop Hoods, Through...


by sydneyzh
Truths about the world, knowledges of matters, deductions of how liquid flows, predictions of...

Way to Go

by Vincent Morisset
Way to Go is a walk in the woods. It is an astonishing interactive experience, a restless...


by Simo Santavirta
APEXvj is a next-gen music visualizer - an artificial intelligence that turns sound waves into...

Groove Pizza

by NYU Music Experience Design Lab
Groove Pizza is a playful tool for creating grooves using math concepts like shapes, angles, and...

Beat Blender

by Creative Lab + Magenta
Blend beats using machine learning to create music in a fun new way.

Come Down To Us

by Eric Levin
A meditative WebGL music video of Burial's "Come Down To Us." There are 3 main scenes, each...


by Steve Belovarich
Synth is a WebGL video synthesizer. Synth uses your webcam as an input and maps the brightness...

Machine Stop

by Moving Brands
We worked with London band Duologue to create an interactive 3D music video for their new...

Mahjong FRVR

by Chris Benjaminsen
Mahjong FRVR is a high quality implementation of Mahjong Solitaire The goal was to create an...


by DreamPipe
Designed for mobile but works on desktop. The idea was to make something relatively complex as...


by jonobr1
Brand and design experience consultancy Collins has partnered with graphic designer and...

Musical Fireworks

by George Michael Brower
Make a musical fireworks display anywhere.


by Google Creative Lab
Conduct your own orchestra in the browser by moving your arms

3 Dreams of Black

by Google Data Arts Team
“3 Dreams of Black” takes you on a journey through three dream worlds constructed through a...

The Infinite Drum Machine

by Manny Tan & Kyle McDonald
Thousands of everyday sounds, organized using machine learning.

The Never-Ending Holiday

by Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture: Martial Geoffre-Rouland
Machine Learning meets music and Street View imagery from iconic locations in France, Italy and Spain.

Draw and Dance

by Anna Fusté & Judith Amores
Your very own dancing stick figure.


by Hui-Shyong Yeo
Pressure Touch, Twist and Pan Gesture Input on Unmodified Smartwatches

NSynth: Sound Maker

by Yotam Mann
Make unusual new sounds with machine learning.

Body Synth

by Use All Five & Google Creative Lab
Make music just by moving your body.

V&A K-pop Dance Challenge

by Google Arts & Culture Lab
An interactive installation that brings visitors together in a collective Kpop dance experience...

Fourth of July Fireworks Game

by Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Jonathan Tanant, Christine Sugrue, and Nicolas Barradeau
This Fourth of July, you're in charge of the fireworks show!

Lens Launcher

by Nick Rout
A unique, efficient way to browse and launch your apps.


by Stefan Wagner, Tino Helmig
qb is a 3d puzzle game ported to WebGL with libgdx! Guide the sphere to the exit. Only a...


by Jono Brandel
Take a road trip through Kimbra’s song Carolina. View a landscape composed of vocals, guitars,...


by Google Research, Google Creative Lab, YouTube Music
An AI-powered singing challenge that rates how closely your singing matches the voice of Freddie Mercury


by Use All Five & Google Creative Lab
A simple musical sampler you can play with your face, body, mouse or keys.


by Tom Power
A sonic implementation of the XY Model from condensed matter physics

nimiia cétiï by Jenna Sutela

by Jenna Sutela, Google Arts & Culture
A machine learning and art project by Jenna Sutela

What Came First

by Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Caroline Buttet
Compare cultural moments in time


by 5013
An infinitely random music box. Built using the latest and greatest Web Audio API technologies!...


by Kumar, Chaudhary, Melville, Ma, Zhu, Wu
Make music by typing letters in Morse Code and hearing their respective notes

Blob Opera - On Tour!

by David Li in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture
Play four voices in cities around the world, with the help of machine learning

Open Lab: Home Sprints

by Google Arts & Culture Lab, MIT Media Lab
A collaboration between MIT Media Lab and Google Arts & Culture, bringing together a global...
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