Valley Of Uncanny #01

June 2014 | By Vibeke Bertelsen (Udart)


This is a WebGL animation set to music. Two 3D models are distorted using an animated normalmap material. With this animation I did not strive for realism or for for developing new technical finesse - I simply wanted to explore atmosphere and tight integration of the visuals with the music (many thanks to Zack Christ for letting me use the track). One interesting aspect of this animation is the use of an XML file with a great number of keyframes which are used by the animation. I also perform live at concerts as a VJ with these WebGL graphics. When I perform live I use a version that does not have predetermined keyframes and using a self made application (Sliider) I am able to control the animation live tweaking the tempo, the colors etc. to fit with the music at any given time.

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