August 2017 | By Stefano Maccarelli


ROGER WATER is an endless flying exploration of a generative, infinite open world made of surreal Earth-like landscapes generated and animated by the music of Roger Water by Niagara and inspired by HYPERLAND, the new Niagara AV show made by Stefano Maccarelli.The landscapes are generated, animated and populated in real time, thanks to sound analysis, as the traveler explores them.Players can travel that world with a computer or a smartphone, in 360 or VR (Cardboard) mode.Players can fly freely in this infinite and everchanging generative open world, accelerate, fly up or down, launch objects and creatures, follow them, or just stay and contemplate it.They can also manually populate the world by launching objects and creatures, and Cardboard mode is compatible with bluetooth VR remote controllers.

Experiencing ROGER WATER world from a computer or Android device gives players the chance to activate their microphone and let the world react to their voice, music, ambient sounds, etc.They just need to wait for ROGER WATER music to end.The generative world reacts also with time and location of the player, and features some secret things that players can discover by finding special areas or by visiting it at specific hours.

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