Instrument Playground

November 2023 | By By Simon Doury, Artist In Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab

Generate, play and compose music inspired by instruments across the globe with the help of Google AI

Explore and create music inspired with instruments from around the globe, from a Veena to a Ukulele to the Sitar, with the help of AI in this experiment created by artist Simon Doury. 

Select an instrument you’d like to play and Music LM will generate a 20 second sound clip for you inspired by this instrument. Add an adjective to your prompt to affect the results, such as moody or romantic. Then it is over to you to play and create with the sound clip choosing between different modes.

There is also an Advanced mode with a Sequencer allowing you to layer up to four instruments to play a sequence of notes. 

Instrument playground is inspired by Google AI Music LM research.

Created by Simon Doury, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab.

Thanks to Jesse Engel, Mauricio Zuluaga and the MusicLM team.