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nimiia cétiï by Jenna Sutela
by Jenna Sutela, Google Arts & Culture
A machine learning and art project by Jenna Sutela
t-SNE Map
by Cyril Diagne, Nicolas Barradeau & Simon Doury
Artworks mapped using Machine Learning.
Curator Table
by Cyril Diagne & Simon Doury
Discover connections between artworks
Move Mirror
by Google Creative Lab
Explore pictures in a fun new way, just by moving around.
by Jack Qiao
Generate font combinations with deep learning
Scrying Pen
by Andy Matuschak
A realtime implementation of SketchRNN which predicts future strokes while you draw
Sketch-RNN Demos
by Ha / Jongejan / Johnson
Draw together with a neural network.
Beat Blender
by Creative Lab + Magenta
Blend beats using machine learning to create music in a fun new way.
Visualizing High-Dimensional Space
by Smilkov / Viégas / Wattenberg
Get a peek at how machine learning works.
Teachable Machine
by Google Creative Lab
Teach a machine using your camera, live in the browser - no coding required.
Melody Mixer
by Blankensmith / Phillips
A fun way to explore melodies using machine learning
Emoji Scavenger Hunt
by Google Brand Studio
Identify emojis in the real world with your phone’s camera
NSynth Super
by Magenta / Google Creative Lab
Making music using new sounds generated with machine learning
Rock-Paper-Scissors Machine
by Kaz Sato
A summer science project based on a classic game.
Font Map
by Kevin Ho
Using machine learning to surface new relationships between fonts.
AI Duet
by Yotam Mann
A piano that responds to you.
NSynth: Sound Maker
by Yotam Mann
Make unusual new sounds with machine learning.
Handwriting with a Neural Net
by Carter / Ha / Johnson / Olah
Play with a neural net that generates handwriting based on your style.
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