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[Finger User Interface]
Control your devices with the wave of a finger.
Getting Started
You need a TF4Micro Motion Kit pre-installed on Arduino. To confirm you're good to go, look for the red, green and blue flashing LED in the middle of the board. If you do not see this, visit Getting Started Guide.

Connect via Bluetooth
The TF4Micro motion kit communicates with this website via BLE so you can have a wireless experience. Quickly tap the button on your arduino then wait for the red, green and blue LED pattern to return. Warning: Do not hold the button down as this will clear the board. Click the "connect" button below, then select "TF4Micro Motion Kit" from the dialogue box.

Sending Tensorflow model to your arduino via Bluetooth

Attach the board to the back of a finger
(close to the tip).
Make sure the LED is facing you and the USB connector is towards your wrist.

There are 5 gestures:
Swipe left, swipe right, twirl (do so quickly!), pluck (which changes the drum loop), and poke.
Check out the gifs for guidance. Have fun!
wave index finger righttwirl index finger in circlespluck index finger and thumbpoke index finger forwardwave index finger left
left gesture right gesture twirl gesture pluck gesture poke gesture