Shadow Art: Experience a Living Tradition

September 2019 | By Google Arts & Culture Lab

A new, fun way to experience shadow art through technology.

It all started with a love story. 

As the story goes, an alchemist promised the lovesick Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty that he could summon the spirit of his deceased wife. One night, the alchemist lit candles, set up a tent, and laid out a table of fine wine and food. Emperor Wu was requested to sit inside another tent, where he watched the figure of his wife walk into the other tent, and sit down before slowly departing. 

It is believed that this “spirit” may have actually been the beginning of shadow puppetry. 

2,000 years later, this ancient art is alive and well. And today, Google Arts & Culture is launching a series of experiences that allow people to learn more about this ancient art and provides new, fun ways to experience shadow art with technology.

We’re always looking for new and creative ways that technology can foster connections between people and the arts. "Shadow Art: Experience a Living Tradition" aims to do that in a fun, interactive and educational way. 

Thanks to the technology of TensorFlow, people can unlock plots from the ancient Chinese folk tale, "Legend of White Snake" using hand gestures.

Soon available globally.

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