Business of Fashion

November 2018 | By Cyril Diagne

Browse through four years of catwalks

What insights can Machine Learning give us about fashion?

Google Arts & Culture collaborated with Business of Fashion (BoF) to create an interactive visualization of four years of fashion show archives from 2013-2017. The user is able to sort through BoF's database of 70,000 runway looks and discover seasons, designers, colors, as well as connections between them.

Using Machine Learning to automatically label the photographs, the experiment filters garments by style, fabric, and shape. A 3D map also allows users to explore the color palette of each garment across all designers and seasons.

Learn more and watch the video of the presentation at BoF Voices 2017.

This collaboration was part of the We Wear Culture project. Learn more about the project on our blog post.

This experiment was created as a prototype for BoF Voices 2017, and is not published.

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