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Art Coloring Book

by Simon Doury, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Color your way through the palettes of famous paintings

Puzzle Party

by Gael Hugo, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Solve artistic jigsaw puzzles together with family and friends

What Came First

by Caroline Buttet, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Compare cultural moments in time

Cultural Crosswords

by Romain Cazier, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Get cultured through word puzzles

Visual Crosswords

by Emil Wallner, Jonathan Blanchet, Google Arts & Culture Lab
Discover more art through unexpected pairings

Morse Striker

by Park, Kim, Saltz, Jung
In this spy thriller themed soccer game, type the correct letter in Morse Code to hit a target

Driving School

by Itay Niv
Learn the basic rules of the road with Driving School.

Study with Maher

by Maher Mahmood, Mike Lacher
How much do you know about US history and government?

Creature Teacher: Multiplication

by Phil Bayer
A fun and freaky way to practice your times tables.

Unlock Favorite Videos with Morse Code

by Pareddy, Yuan, Hsieh, Vigneshwara, Ferguson
Unlock a child’s favorite videos by pressing the right morse code pattern.


by Google AI
Word association games powered by semantic search


by Roi Lipman
Build fun domino layouts to crash

Folds & Burns

by Joshua Perez and Mirtho Prepont
Play as Arson in an HTML5 shooter game, and help prevent the destruction of planet GOC.

Banana Fiend

by Nicholas Hoza
This is a 2D arcade-style game in which you drive a car around and try to collect bananas for points...

Liquid Fun Paint

by Google Developers
LiquidFun Paint is a creative application created to demonstrate the use of LiquidFun.


by alloyteam
Somatosensory Game by using webcam. If you want to pass the level, you should act like the pose in ...

Twisty Turtle (Mobile Only)

Turtle easily beat the lightning quick Rabbit in their last footrace by being slow and steady. We al...

Space Break

by Jonas Wagner
Space Break is a html5 acrade 'ball and paddle' game written in coffee-script. It features levels fu...

Catch It!

by Robert Eisele
The Catch It! experiment is a really simple game where you have to catch a rectangle without collide...

Space Race

by Tommy McHugh
This is a more colorful version of the game Space Invaders. It includes the original monsters, but f...

Canvas Pong

by John Crepezzi
Canvas Pong using the browser's scrollbar as the player's paddle


by Milo Mordaunt
Play with various elements in a sandbox simulation a la "Falling Sand" games (http://fallingsandgame...

Apophis 2029

by Shannon Larratt
Apophis 2029 is a Missile Command - meets - Space Invaders sort of game. Your job is to shoot meteor...


by Craig Morten
A fun animated HTML5 canvas game. Guide Redgie the Hedgehog down perilous slopes, dodging trees and ...

Marble Hop

by Foxy Ninja Studios
This "webapp" uses CSS3 animations, HTML5 audio, HTML5 localStorage anThis "webapp" uses CSS3 animat...

Hex Color Code Game

by David Johns
Very simple game designed to test your skills when identifying colors by their hex code

Onslaught! Arena

by Lost Decade Games
Onslaught! Arena is a fast-paced, arcade-style medieval fantasy shoot 'em up. Fans of retro classics...


by Johan Dahlberg
[ editor's note: click "refresh" server list then "join" an active server. The BACK ARROW KEY turns ...
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