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Art Coloring Book - Holiday edition

December 2020 | By Simon Doury, Artist in residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab

A very special Holiday Edition of Art Coloring Book!

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Van Gogh’s sunflowers might be yellow, but yours don’t have to be! Coloring has always been a favorite activity for children, but it’s becoming increasingly popular among adults looking for some mindful downtime. Exercise your talents and get inspired as you color famous artworks and even landmarks from Street View. 

The painting or picture is decomposed in layers and eight dominant colors are presented at the bottom of the coloring page. Unlike a classical coloring book, this one adds depth and perspective elements present in the original artwork as the user colors an area.

A very special edition of Art Coloring Book is now available for all to enjoy during the holiday season featuring DiwaliHanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas artworks from Google Arts & Culture.

Art Coloring Book is available in the Google Arts & Culture app and website. Ready for more? Let's play!

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