Puzzle Party

October 2020 | By Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Gael Hugo

Solve artistic jigsaw puzzles together with family and friends

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These collaborative jigsaw puzzles are made for family and friends to solve together (or for you to play solo). Dive into the rich detail of over 500 artworks, including Andy Warhol’s Flowers, Johannes Vermer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and Amy Sherald’s First Lady Michelle Obama. You can even choose between three different difficulty settings so everyone in the family can pitch in.

Inspired by traditional family gatherings around a board game or puzzle, where grandchildren would joyfully challenge their grandparents, Puzzle Party recreates that special connection we have when playing with friends and family, despite the distance.

The puzzle pieces are displayed on the screen as if they were laid out on a regular table. Each player can move the pieces she/he wants to assemble, individually or stuck together as a group. In case the puzzle pieces are too light to be seen against the default background, you can choose to darken the background. At the end, the artworks are revealed in full detail to the players.

The puzzles are automatically generated from hundreds of artworks available on Google Arts & Culture and an unlimited number of people can play simultaneously.

Puzzle Party is available on Google Arts & Culture app and website. Ready for more?  Let's play!

For space lovers, a special edition of Puzzle Party x NASA is available for all to enjoy!