Coubertin Rings

August 2015 | By Fathom

A watch face to motivate your daily activity.


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Coubertin Rings uses the built-in sensors on your watch to display playful interactive rings that represent your daily step count. The more steps you take, the more rings you earn. As you hit step milestones throughout the day, the rings get bigger, change color, and scale up to quantify higher step counts (e.g. 10 steps, 100 steps, 1,000 steps). Once you hit the higher step counts, your watch will reward you with a splash of color to help motivate you to the next ring. Shoot for 10,000 steps and achieve a jubilation of color! Paying homage to Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Games, the watch references the rings of the Olympic logo which was designed in 1912 by Coubertin himself. The Olympics are a symbol of goals and achievements, the Coubertin Rings watch face is meant to promote your daily activity performance. See Fathom’s full collection of watch faces Coubertin Rings: A watch face to motivate your daily activity Gaze Effect: A watch face that looks back Bouncing Isaac: A watch face inspired by light and physics