Fluid Ping Pong

November 2012 | By Anirudh Joshi


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Ping pong with fluid dynamics This is a demonstration of the possibilites that HTML5/browsers have to offer inspired by the wonderful work done by Steve Taylor (Plasma Pong). Introduction It renders a ping pong game interacting with a full-color real-time fluid simulation at 60 FPS. It utilizes the algorithim created by Jos Stam (Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games), monochrome dynamics implemented by Oliver Hunt (Oliver's simple fluid dynamics simulator), amended with RJ Marsan's RGB example (Plasma Pong Android by RJ Marsan) and a little special sauce by yours truly. For those of whom don't understand why this is impressive: It just is. This is possible mainly due to the wonderful work done by both the Chrome and Mozilla teams. It has been tested to work with the latest versions of Chrome/Firefox.