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WebCam Mesh

by Felix Turner
This demo connects HTML5 WebCam input to a WebGL 3D Mesh. It creates a 3D depth map by mapping...

Sensitive Particles

by VodkaBears
Motion detection and particles. [From the Editor: This experiment lights up a field of...

Painter Bot

by Rikard Herlitz
Brushstroke painter effect generated mostly on the GPU. Takes any texture as input, an image,...

Swarm Sandbox

by Sam Fox Royston
In this experiment I created an abstracted 'swarm' that can be manipulated to perform a number...


by Steve Belovarich
Synth is a WebGL video synthesizer. Synth uses your webcam as an input and maps the brightness...

Webgl Particle Audio Visualizer

by Sehyun Av Kim
A particle system that reacts to audio input


by Instrument
Launch the particle from the input to the output in this HTML5 game developed for Google I/O...

Webcam Displacement

by Mr.doob
This time I was wondering what would happen if I extruded a 3D plane using the light information...

Webcam Swiper

by Brandon Nicholls
An experiment that uses your webcam, via getUserMedia, to watch for swipe gestures right or left...


by Bennett Feely
Play 2048 game with your webcam and control it by waving your hands in the air. Requires a webcam.

Webcam Toy

by Paul Neave
Webcam Toy allows you to use your webcam with over 70 types of effects and filters. It uses...


by alloyteam
Somatosensory Game by using webcam. If you want to pass the level, you should act like the pose...


by Gwen Vanhee
Webcam motion detection experiment

Particle Engine

by Wil Voss
A simple particle engine which works with mouse events. Keyboard input gives the user real-time...

Teachable Snake

by Vince MingPu Shao
Classic snake game controlled by webcam image using pre-trained neural network models.

Google I/O 2014 Experiment

by Instrument
This Google I/O web experiment explores several breakthroughs in science and technology. We're...

by Bennett Feely
Create a timelapse video with your webcam.


by Jake Pyne
Produces slit-scan style images from the user's webcam

Pixelate Yourself

by Pierre-Loic Doulcet
Turn on your webcam and see yourself pixelated!

Sound Viz

by Bartek Drozdz
5 different sound visualization effects with Leap Motion interactivity. Use with a mp3 or...

Webcam Music

by Karen Peng
Create a song when you move (dance) . A whole new experience of music.

Sand ghost

by Léo Chéron
A displacement map is generated out of your webcam video stream, affecting particles velocity.


by ProgrammingHeroes
Play to the classic game "Simon says..." with the webcam. Touch any color button to start the sequence.

Glitch Mirror

by Michael Morrissey
it manipulates a users webcam data and allows them to metaspect a glitchier self

Spectrogram and Oscillator

by Boris Smus
A live-input spectrogram written using Polymer using the Web Audio API. It also includes an...

marching cubes music player

by geraldine erman
THREE.js "marching cubes" animated to music and textured with webcam


by Adam Ferriss
An interactive webcam-webGL optical flow feedback experiment based on Andrew Benson's...

Photo Mirror

by Onlive Soft
Photo Mirror is a free web application for taking photos with your webcam. It is also useful as...

Colorful Fluid

by Yuichiroh Arai
Fluid simulation with web camera

Gboard Input Switch for Morse Code

by Ken Finlayson
Control the Gboard Morse Code keyboard with two switches

Optical Flow Effects

by Jaume Sánchez
An experiment using WebRTCs getUserMedia feature to access the users webcam and perform some...

Sound Canvas

by Kearney-Volpe / Miele / Phillips / Pereira
A simple drawing tool that works through both sight and sound.

Dia de los Muertos

by Douglas da Silva
We used the webcam to create a place where people can dress up like Mexico's "Day of the Dead".

Face Deformer

by Audun Mathias Øygard
Deform your face in realtime! This is a demo of real-time face tracking and face deformation...

Pumpkin Head

by geraldine erman
use a webcam and capture your face inside the 3d pumpkin-- save the shot and share on a...

Butterflies & Computer Eyes

by Daniel Brown
Another in the author's series of camera-responsive experiences. This time, butterflies explode...


by Hui-Shyong Yeo
Pressure Touch, Twist and Pan Gesture Input on Unmodified Smartwatches

Face Substitution

by Audun Mathias Øygard
Substitute your face with faces of other people! This is a demo of real-time face tracking and...

FlowMaster 3

by Giacomo De Cillis & Davis.Li
Trying to create a "krakatoa" styled realtime particle flow, it reacts on music and or...

We Are All Made of Stars

by Daniel Brown
400,000 particles rendered using physics determined by movement detected on webcam, creating...

Motion Detection

by DHD
Experimenting with HTML5, webcam access and cavas. Using some basic motion detection /...

Head-Coupled 3D

by Chris Bateman
Head-coupled perspective is a technique that simulates a 3D environment by changing a scene's...


by Chris Price
Captured webcam frames arranged in a 3D rotate-able cube for your viewing pleasure. A simple...

Scribbling Speech

by Xinyue Yang
Turn real time free speech into animated drawings

Kinect View

by Marek Janiszewski
Had a free moment and decided to try something I never tried, using the webcam. Inspired by few...


by Karen Peng, Jason Sigal
motionEmotion is an emotion & gesture-based arpeggiator and synthesizer. It uses the webcam to...

Time Warp

by Grumpy Buffalo
This page grabs webcam data and holds on to the last few seconds of the video feed. It then...


by Eoghan O'Keeffe
Interactive music visualizations using your webcam

Assisted Melody

by Google Magenta in collaboration with Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Simon Doury
Compose melodies like a maestro


by Eiji Muroichi
According to the Chinese astrological calendar, 2014 is the year of the horse. So I made a...


by Felix Turner
Rutt-Etra-Izer is a WebGL emulation of the classic Rutt-Etra video synthesizer. This demo...

WebGL Playground

by Krystian Samp
WebGL playground is a straightforward idea: type in your WebGL script and see the results. But...

Interactive 3D Skeleton

by Andy Barber
KineMan focuses on realistic human skeletal joint motions, by adding scientifically-derived...

Gestures + Reveal.JS

by William Wu
This is what I got when I combined webcam-based gesture recognition with Hakim El Hattab's...

Scan Sequencer Javascript

by JeongHo Park
Using a webcam, make real-time music with your movements

Sketch Mobile

by Michael Deal
Sketch Mobile is a drawing app for modern browsers; using technologies such as multi-touch...

Heavenly Glory

by Michael Bromley
Ever wished your every slightest limb movement would be accompanied by a cool swooshing air...

My Storytime

by Instrument
Helping families stay connected even when they're apart. Record stories from anywhere and play...


by Google Creative Lab
Conduct your own orchestra in the browser by moving your arms


by Use All Five & Google Creative Lab
A simple musical keyboard you can play with your face, body, mouse, or keys.

Move Mirror

by Google Creative Lab
Explore pictures in a fun new way, just by moving around.

Body Synth

by Use All Five & Google Creative Lab
Make music just by moving your body.

Tiny Sorter

by Google Creative Lab
A DIY experiment connecting Arduino and Teachable Machine

Clarion Lite

by OpenUp Music & Use All Five
An expressive, adaptable musical instrument in your web browser.


by Use All Five & Google Creative Lab
A simple musical sampler you can play with your face, body, mouse or keys.

Just A Reflektor

by Arcade Fire
“Just A Reflektor” is an interactive film directed by Vincent Morisset and featuring a new song...

Alphabets Got Talent

by Center, Melville, Owen, Chaudhary
Using Morse Code, input a letter and receive a dancing animal with the same letter

Viola the Bird

by David Li, artist in residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab
Experience a new cello-inspired instrument in the latest music-meets-tech instalment from David...

Blob Opera

by Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture: David Li
Play four voices with the help of machine learning.


by LIA
Elements is a playful application that lets you create intricate patterns, by combining shape...

Blob Opera - On Tour!

by David Li in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture
Play four voices in cities around the world, with the help of machine learning

Morse Striker

by Park, Kim, Saltz, Jung
In this spy thriller themed soccer game, type the correct letter in Morse Code to hit a target
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