July 2015 | By LIA

Elements is a playful application that lets you create intricate patterns, by combining shape creation withmovement and rotation controls.


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Each pattern created is unique and never duplicated. Additionally, the patterns created reflect the colors being captured through your device’s camera making your pattern even more customizable. Your device's camera image constantly calculates an average color of the image (it is viewing), which is then used either for the outlines or to fill the color of the elements (being created/portrayed). You are able to switch between both the front and back camera on your device (with the back camera being the default). By pointing the camera in the direction of colored objects and then moving the device in a fast or slow motion, different color schemes can be achieved. The original idea was simply to create something beautiful that invites the user to play with form and color. Something that would allow the user to initiate some forms and then watch them evolve into intricate patterns. Initially, I wanted to define the elements on screen only as triangular shapes. I then moved away from that direction to one that consisted of more angulated shapes. But as development went on I realized that the shape creation was not intuitive enough. Instead, I went in a new direction that would allow the user draw freely (to create the elements). I did however allow for the user to still create angulated shapes through their settings preferences. In technical terms, I was quite amazed on how straight forward using Processing was to create an Android application. Using the camera as an color input source was simply a case of using the existing Ketai library.

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