Tiny Sorter

November 2019 | By Google Creative Lab

A DIY experiment connecting Arduino and Teachable Machine


Getting started with physical computing and machine learning can be pretty intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! Meet Tiny Sorter, a DIY experiment that teaches you how to build a sorter by connecting Arduino and Teachable Machine. 

It’s a little machine that you can easily make with a piece of paper — just cut, fold, assemble the motor and put in right on top of your laptop’s webcam. Then use Teachable Machine to create a machine learning model (no coding required) to sort little objects – cereal, candy, paper clips, whatever you’ve got laying around. And just like that you have your own machine learning sorter. 

It’s a super simple and fun project for just about everyone - students, coders, non-coders, even if this is your first time using arduino. Build your own Tiny Sorter and get a feeling for what machine learning and physical computing is all about.