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Interplay Mode

by Google Creative Lab
Making videos interactive with AI

Flash Cards

by Brandon Nicholls
This application uses the Web Speech API in Chrome 25 (in beta as of writing this) and later. It wo...

Spell Up

by Google
Spell Up is a Chrome Experiment that can help you improve your English just by speaking to your Chro...

Pronunciation Game

by Loducca
A game for english students to practice their pronunciation skills with Google's speech recognition ...

S7xTS Communicator

by Dinahmoe
S7xTS Communicator by Dinahmoe. (speech-to-text-to-translate-to-text-to-speech) Oral communication...

Speak Colors

by True North
At True North, we put together an experiment to find out what we could do with the new Web Speech AP...


by Bjorn Johansson
This is an experiment inspired by Spike Jonze's movie Her. But instead of talking to an OS, here you...

Croacia Audio

by Loducca
For a sound production company, a sound-only website. No images, no videos, no text. Only sounds. An...


MIVOR is a Mood Interpreting Voice-Operated Robot designed to create a visual representation of you...
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