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Pronunciation Game

by Loducca
A game for english students to practice their pronunciation skills with Google's speech...

Scribbling Speech

by Xinyue Yang
Turn real time free speech into animated drawings

Word Synth

by Google Creative Lab
A fun way to play with speech and music.

Interplay Mode

by Google Creative Lab
Making videos interactive with AI

BYOTM (Bring Your Own Teachable Machine)

by Matt Santamaria
Send text messages to family and friends using your personalized Teachable Machine speech recognizer.

Voice Turn

by Alvaro Gonzalez-Vila
A safer way for cyclists to signal using their voice.

S7xTS Communicator

by Dinahmoe
S7xTS Communicator by Dinahmoe. (speech-to-text-to-translate-to-text-to-speech) Oral...

Morse + WaveNet Starter Code

by Jane Friedhoff and Use All Five
Demo web app that showcases the power of Morse code + AI.

Flash Cards

by Brandon Nicholls
This application uses the Web Speech API in Chrome 25 (in beta as of writing this) and later. ...

Pink Trombone

by Neil Thapen
Interactive articulatory speech synthesizer

Speak Colors

by True North
At True North, we put together an experiment to find out what we could do with the new Web...

A more better life

by Thibaut Duverneix
An interactive film that uses face-recognition technology and music from Young Empires. In order...

Talk to the Phone

by Matthias Mentasti
It's about the new x-webkit-speech feature. I've tried to recreate a small version of Siri....

Color Piano Theory

by Michael Deal
Color Piano Theory is an educational application that utilizes colors in teaching piano theory. ...

Spell Up

by Google
Spell Up is a Chrome Experiment that can help you improve your English just by speaking to your...


by Scott Garner
Tweetopia is a 3D Twitter hashtag visualization. Tweets are rendered as speech bubbles above...

Gestures + Reveal.JS

by William Wu
This is what I got when I combined webcam-based gesture recognition with Hakim El Hattab's...


by Daniel Pettersson
This is kind of a toy or explorer thingy using various HTML5 techniques which lets you play with...

Quick, Draw!

by Google Creative Lab
A game where a neural net tries to guess what you’re drawing.

Look to Speak

by Sarah Ezekiel & Google Creative Lab
An Android app which enables people to use their eyes to select pre-written phrases and have...

Speak to Go

by Google Creative Lab & Jaume Sanchez
Explore the world with your voice.

Giorgio Cam

by Eric Rosenbaum & Yotam Mann
Take a picture to make music with the computer.


by Sandpit
Take a fictional character for a walk in the real world.

Body Synth

by Use All Five & Google Creative Lab
Make music just by moving your body.

SVG Editor

Shows a live demo of's new SVG editor. It works using only HTML5 (js and svg) so it can...

nimiia cétiï by Jenna Sutela

by Jenna Sutela, Google Arts & Culture
A machine learning and art project by Jenna Sutela

Hip Hop Poetry Bot

by Alex Fefegha in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture and Artists + Machine Intelligence Grant
The Hip Hop Poetry Bot is an AI research project, exploring speech generation trained on rap and...

How New York Are You?

by Jenna Xu
A voice-controlled browser game where two players compete to be crowned the realest New Yorker.

The Timbuktu Manuscripts

by Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab: Simon Doury, Nicolas Barradeau, Bastien Girschig
Explore 40,000 manuscripts guarded by Dr. Abdel Kader Haidara and SAVAMA-DCI, showcasing...

Imaginary Soundscape

by Qosmo, Inc. / Nao Tokui
Web-based sound installation on Google street view generated with deep learning models

Body, Movement, Language: AI Sketches With Bill T. Jones

by Bill T. Jones & Google Creative Lab
PoseNet experiments made in collaboration with one of America’s most celebrated and important artists.

Home Talk

by St+art India Foundation, Zach Lieberman, Google Arts & Culture Artists in Residence
What does Home mean to you?

LUMA Arles & Google Research Initiative

by LUMA Arles and Google Research
In furtherance of LUMA’s long-term focus on the creative potential of innovation, LUMA Arles and...

Artists + Machine Intelligence Grants

by Google Arts & Culture Lab, Google Research
Google Arts & Culture and Google Research support contemporary artists working with machine...
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