Hip Hop Poetry Bot

April 2021 | By Alex Fefegha in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture

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The Hip Hop Poetry Bot is an AI research project, exploring speech generation trained on rap and hip hop lyrics by black artists. The Hip Hop Poetry Bot aims to use AI to explore the wealth of this material & present the art forms of rap and hip hop in new ways to the public. The research project built an algorithm trained on a personal dataset of lyrics, and experimented with using this to generate poetic responses to everyday questions. 
However, in order to build the experiment in full requires a large, public dataset of rap and hip hop lyrics on which an algorithm can be trained. As with much work by black artists, the public archives required to train such an algorithm don’t currently exist. 
Alex is therefore launching the project with an open call asking rap and hip hop artists to contribute their lyrics to create a new, public dataset of lyrics by predominantly black artists. 

If you are a rap artist, hip hop artist, poet or a writer and would like to contribute your lyrics to the Hip Hop Poetry Bot project, please contact hiphoppoetrybot@gmail.com.