Experiments for Learning

This is a collection of experiments that teachers, parents, and students have found helpful, whether in the classroom or learning from home. Create music, make art, take virtual field trips, and more. If you're a developer with a project you think could be helpful for learning, submit it above.
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Chrome Music Lab: Song Maker

Create your own songs and share them. 

Notable Women

See 100 historic American women where they've historically been left out: U.S. currency.

Access Mars

Explore the real surface of Mars as captured by the Curiosity Rover.

Create Music

Chrome Music Lab

by Google Creative Lab
Music is for everyone. Play with these simple experiments to explore how music works. They’re...

Word Synth

by Google Creative Lab
A fun way to play with speech and music.


by Google Creative Lab
Make music using simple voice commands.

Explore Music


by Google Creative Lab
Conduct your own orchestra in the browser by moving your arms

Song Exploder Presents: Inside Music

by Google Creative Lab
What if you could step inside a song? This is a simple experiment that explores that idea. See...

Seeing Music

by Jay Alan Zimmerman
Experience music visually.

Virtual Field Trips

Chauvet: The Dawn of Art

by Jonathan Tanant, Google Arts & Culture, Atlas V
Explore the prehistoric Chauvet Cave in France

Radio Garden

by Studio Puckey in collaboration with Moniker
Explore live radio by rotating the globe.


by Google Arts & Culture
Discover Bagan's incredible temples in 3D and VR


Quick, Draw!

by Google Creative Lab
A game where a neural net tries to guess what you’re drawing.

Just a Line

by Google Creative Lab
The first cross-platform collaborative AR app (for doodling)


by Google Creative Lab
Fast drawing for everyone.

Math + Science

Creature Teacher: Multiplication

by Phil Bayer
A fun and freaky way to practice your times tables.

Pattern Radio: Whale Songs

by NOAA & Google Creative Lab
Use AI to explore thousands of hours of humpback whale songs and make your own discoveries.

Bird Sounds

by Manny Tan & Kyle McDonald
Thousands of bird sounds visualized using machine learning.

Coding + AI

Teachable Machine

by Google Creative Lab
A fast, easy way to create machine learning models – no coding required.

Tiny Sorter

by Google Creative Lab
A DIY experiment connecting Arduino and Teachable Machine

Paper Signals

by Isaac Blankensmith & Smooth Technology
Build your own voice controlled object.


Access Mars

by Google Creative Lab + NASA JPL
The real surface of Mars. Photographed by the Curiosity Rover. Used by NASA JPL scientists. Now...

NASA's Visual Universe

by Simon Doury, Gael Hugo, Romain Cazier
Lift off through 60 years of NASA exploration

A Spacecraft for All

by Google
Launch into space with this Chrome Experiment that follows the amazing 36-year-long journey of...

History + Storytelling

Notable Women

by Rosie Rios,Google Creative Lab,Nexus Studios
An AR Experiment that lets anyone see 100 historic American women where they’ve historically...

My Storytime

by Instrument
Helping families stay connected even when they're apart. Record stories from anywhere and play...

Study with Maher

by Maher Mahmood, Mike Lacher
How much do you know about US history and government?

And More

Driving School

by Itay Niv
Learn the basic rules of the road with Driving School.

Thing Translator

by Dan Motzenbecker
Take a picture of something to hear how to say it in a different language.

Morse Typing Trainer for Gboard

by Tania Finlayson, Use all Five and Google Creative Lab
A fun little web app to help you learn Morse code on Gboard.