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by Cristina Tarquini in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture Lab
Discover why jellyfish populations are booming and the clues their increased numbers can tell us...

The Lagoon

by Felicity Hammond in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture Lab
Watch a fictional coastal city disappear under water with this durational video collage

Climate Change Impact Filter

by Sey Min in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture Lab
An interactive machine learning experiment that visualises what we might lose and what will...

Plastic Air

by Giorgia Lupi in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture Lab
Explore the impact microplastics in our air are having on the environment and our own health too


by Gaël Hugo
Browse through the 20th century via Tags defined by Machine Learning.

t-SNE Map

by Cyril Diagne, Nicolas Barradeau & Simon Doury
Artworks mapped using Machine Learning.


by Cyril Diagne & Gaël Hugo
Could computers help identify artworks?

Curator Table

by Cyril Diagne & Simon Doury
Discover connections between artworks

Free Fall

by Cyril Diagne & Nicolas Barradeau
Explore artworks in one 3 dimensional space

Between Us

by Larva Labs
Pair your phone with a partner and measure your distance in the form of everyday objects.

Increasing Motorcycle Safety

by Keith Conger
A custom hardware integration for motorcycles.

Smart Mirror

by Max Braun
A bathroom mirror display showing a clock, weather, and news.
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