The WebGL Globe

The WebGL Globe is an open platform for geographic data visualization. We encourage you to copy the code, add your own data, and create your own.

If you do create your own globe, please submit it. We will post our favorite links below.


  • Latitude / longitude data spikes
  • Color gradients, based on data value or type
  • Mouse wheel to zoom

Instagram Followers
by Jules Moretti
Realtime Bitcoin Globe
by Mike van Rossum
Artist Concert Locations
by Jeremy Tuloup
Heartbleed Vulneralbility Global
by Distribution CodeColorist
Worldwide Impact of Diabetes
by Dale Patterson
Blocked Spam Text Messages
by AdaptiveMobile
Webometrics Ranking of Universities
by Artyom Egorenkov
Volcanoes of Planet Earth
by Ramiro Gómez
Nuclear Power Stations Worldwide
by Sigon
Global Sentiment Analysis
by Harrison Kinsley
Meteorite Landings
by Maulik Kamdar
GitHub User Locations
by Lane Aasen
World's Busiest Airports
by Milomir
2012 US presidential election across social media
by Tom Maiaroto
World Elevation
by Wang Zhifang
Workouts from Endomondo's activity feed
by Vojtech Kral
Geotagged Wikipedia Articles
by Denny Vrandecic
China population & US population
by Wang Zhifang
St. Lawrence Observations
by Daniel Léonard
World Poverty Index
by Javier de la Rosa
Last day, week or month earthquakes
by Simon Gruau
World Tree Cover
by Christina Bergey
International Students in the USA
by Danny Newman
Reddit Traffic to 3rd Neil deGrasse Tyson AMA
by Darien Acosta
Google+ User Location
by Pierrick Caen
Global Internet Application Throttling
by Tony Blank
Hello World
by Scott Frankel
ShopSavvy Scans
by ShopSavvy
Twitter Korean Index
by DongWoo Lee
Latest Earthquakes, with Auto-Updating
by Gustavo Tandeciarz
Spanish Election Results (May 2011
by javisantana
Emotional States of Aging Bloggers
by Scott Murray
Distribution of T-Coffee Web Server Users
by Paolo Di Tommaso
Google Technology User Groups: Meeting Locations
by Luis Montes