May 2018 | By Nord Projects for Google

Transform any surface into AR using Raspberry Pi, a laser projector, and Android Things.

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Lantern explores the possibilities of real-world projections and their application to IoT.

Rather than insisting that every object in our home and office be 'smart', Lantern imagines a future where projections are used to present ambient information, and relevant UI within everyday objects. Point it at a clock to show your appointments, or point to speaker to display the currently playing song. Unlike a screen, when Lantern’s projections are no longer needed, they simply fade away.

Lantern is built using an off-the-shelf lamp, Raspberry Pi 3, a laser projector and Android Things. By building on Android Things, the project benefits from a modern, familiar technology stack, which makes connectivity and graphics a breeze to implement and iterate. 

Lantern is open and extensible. Build your own using our kit-list and detailed instructions. Have an idea for a UI that suits real-world projection? Fork our project on GitHub and add your own channel.