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Artists + Machine Intelligence Grants

by Google Arts & Culture Lab, Google AI
Google Arts & Culture and Google AI support contemporary artists working with machine learning in th...

Jacquard x Google Arts & Culture - Artist Residency

by Google Arts & Culture Lab, Jacquard
An artist-in-residency exploring synergies between technology, art, and fashion.


by Roman Nurik
Muzei is a live wallpaper that gently refreshes your home screen each day with famous works of art.

Marble Hop

by Foxy Ninja Studios
This "webapp" uses CSS3 animations, HTML5 audio, HTML5 localStorage anThis "webapp" uses CSS3 animat...


by Ezra Miller
Using Three.js and a bunch of 3D models of glass shards, magic happens

Circle Game

by Shea Barton
A game made with the HTML5 canvas. Eat smaller circles to grow, avoid larger ones.

The Polygon Shredder

by Jaume Sanchez
Experimenting on minimum draw calls, shading, shadowing

Webcam Toy

by Paul Neave
Webcam Toy allows you to use your webcam with over 70 types of effects and filters. It uses the W...


by Radical Fish Games
CrossCode is a retro-inspired 2D Action RPG set in the distant future. You follow a player calle...


by Dominic Szablewski
A Space Shoot'em'Up where you type to shoot. Made with ImpactJS:

Land Lines

by Zach Lieberman & Data Arts Team
Land Lines lets you explore Google Earth satellite images through gesture. Machine learning and line...


by Isaac Cohen
Enough is an Audio / Visual odyssey through procedural worlds , physical simulations, and hand craft...

Virtual Art Sessions

by Google Data Arts Team
Virtual Art Sessions is an experiment in virtual reality art making with Tilt Brush. The project par...


by Jeroen Verfallie
Transcube is 2D puzzle platformer in which you need to transform into different states, "blocks", wi...

A World of Change: Climate change through the lens of Google search

by Pitch Interactive + Michael Chang
Every day, there are 3 billion+ searches on Google. See how these searches reflect the way the world...


by Felix Turner
Web app that allows you to apply creative ‘glitch’ filters to images and the web cam. Hit the ‘Mosh’...


by Lukas Laag
Vectomatic is a vector graphics editor: you create drawings by freely combining shapes, curves and s...

Life is short

by Florian Veltman
From your first words to your last, it all goes too fast. Replay key moments of your life within sec...


by jonobr1
Make music while you write.


by jonobr1
Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit. With the touch of a finger create melodies charged wi...

GPU Text

by Isaac Cohen
GPGPU Physics simulation using signed distance field text


by Spencer Sheridan
A keyboard-based interactive music video for the LA-based band Busy Living. This experiment lets you...


by loth
Oimo.js is light 3d physics engine for javascript. Full source work...

Smoke & Mirror

by Daniel Brown
Continuing the author's series of camera - responsive WebGL particle systems, see yourself turn to s...

A Dark Room

by Michael Townsend
A minimalist text adventure.

Match 3 Mission

by Viktor Domonyi
Match 3 Mission is classic addictive Match-3 game with more than 200 levels and 10 different worlds....

WebGL Water Simulation

by Evan Wallace
A pool of water rendered with reflection, refraction, caustics, and ambient occlusion. The pool is s...


by Dinahmoe
Plink is a multiplayer music experience with a super intuitive user interface. Simply by clicking an...
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