Voice Experiments

Voice Experiments is a showcase of what's possible when you bring open-ended, natural conversation into games, music, storytelling, and more. These experiments were made with tools like Dialogflow and the Actions on Google platform, that make it easier for developers to create new voice experiences that work on devices such as the Google Home, or even right in the browser.

Voice & Interactive Canvas

Interactive Canvas is a new feature that allows developers to add visual, immersive experiences to actions for the Google Assistant. 

Canvas Quiz is a starter kit for developers to make custom, voice-enabled question-answer games using Interactive Canvas.


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My Storytime

by Instrument
Helping families stay connected even when they're apart. Record stories from anywhere and play...

How New York Are You?

by Jenna Xu
A voice-controlled browser game where two players compete to be crowned the realest New Yorker.

Tarot Time

by Jane Friedhoff
A one-day experiment in learning how to make an Action for the Google Assistant.

Project Oasis

by Harpreet Sareen
A plant ecosystem you can talk to

Greeting Cards

by Jam3
Make and send custom greeting cards.

21 Days of Gratitude

by Jam3
Log and share things you're grateful for.

Grilled Murder Mystery

by Tool of North America
Use voice controls to solve a murder mystery.

Safari Mixer

by rehab
Invent brand new animals.
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