Google Sphere

May 2009 | By Mr.doob


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Once again your beloved searcher gets hijacked. This time forming a sphere. Mouse over the page and type the term you're looking for on the search box. Hit return (or click on the search button if you find it). The more you search the more images about the term you'll get. Now, if you want to get geeky... During the development of my previous experiments I found out about the -webkit-transfom style that allowed us to rotate dom elements. This same style also allows us to scale elements. If you have ever done anything with 3D you probably know that scaling is the only thing you need to give the illusion of 3D on a 2D surface. Porting my custom 3D engine from Actionscript 3 to Javascript was pretty easy and the only thing left to figure out was the z-sorting of div elements. For the magic touch it just needed some smooth animations which is where jstween comes in. Take a look at the code and feel free to play with it :)

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