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Ways of Curating

June 2017 | By Google Arts & Culture

Find connections through Hans Ulrich Obrist's exhibitions

Ways of Curating is a platform for renowned curator Hans Ulrich Obrist’s exhibitions, and is an experiment in organizing ideas. For this site, Obrist, the Google Arts & Culture Lab and ForYourArt present a catalog of projects, chosen from over 200 shows. Intended for researchers and curious users alike, the site’s own design reflects Obrist’s cross-disciplinary, collaborative approach to curating. One can navigate the site by following connections between thinkers and themes brought together by Obrist’s curatorial practice. 

The exhibitions collected here trace Obrist’s journey from contemporary art to an expanded field including art, architecture, literature, philosophy, and science. The trajectory begins, temporally, with World Soup, the kitchen show in which Obrist brought together artists like Fischli/Weiss and Hans-Peter Feldmann for his first show, held in the kitchen of his studio.

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