VersaillesVR: The Palace is Yours

September 2019 | By Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture: Jonathan Tanant

Explore the Palace of Versailles in VR

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"Versailles: The Palace is yours" offers you a unique visit to the palace built by Louis XIV. Discover the most symbolic rooms and immerse yourself fully in the Palace of Versailles. The King and Queen’s State Apartments are all yours, and you can also climb onto the stage in the Royal Opera House, get up close to the high altar in the Royal Chapel sculpted by Corneil Van Clève in the 18th century, and discover the Hall of Mirrors, one of the most iconic places in the Palace. Tapestries, paintings, ceilings, sculptures and furniture – everything is within your reach as you have unlimited access to the treasures of Versailles. For a more intimate experience, switch to night mode and explore the Palace with the light from chimney fires. Happy exploring!

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